5 Ways of How to Style a Wrap Top

Sometimes a wrap top or dress can need some help to keep the girls covered. I've come up with many ways to make that work.

I'm sharing 5 of those ways below, and there's a bonus idea on my blog.

While the idea of having to add something to “complete an outfit” can be annoying, let’s look at the advantages.

1-You can add other colors to the look.

2-It enables a much higher coverage of your chest if you want.

3–This can be a way to add texture to the outfit.

4-Or if you’re always cold, like me, then it’s another layer for warmth.

How to Style a Wrap Top with a Cami

This is how I always think about wearing camis, for under a piece that needs some modesty.

Insider tip: If you don’t have a cami in the color you want, check your scarves. I’ve worn a small scarf tucked into each side of my bra to add some coverage.

Cover With Straps

There are some interesting strappy coverings that can add the coverage you need. This is not that much different than the bralette idea below, except it tends to look sportier.

I bought this as a bralette, but I wear it OVER my regular bra, and take out the padding.

Do You Have a Bralette?

I’ve talked about bralettes on the blog before. In fact, I never thought I’d wear one until I realized I could wear it OVER my real bra.

Why even bother with a bralette in the first place? Because it can be thought of as a cami only shorter. It’s the pretty covering over the functional bra without covering your midsection.

Insider tip: Don’t have or want a bralette? You could easily wear a tank top or t-shirt under a wrap

Have You Thought About Backwards?

One of my mom’s secrets to many of her tops is to wear it backwards. Many times the front is too low for comfort, so she just turns it around. And if you’re worried about how to style a wrap top because it’s too low in the front, this may work for you too.

Since I was showing off my back this way, I decided to continue the whole strappy theme with one of my sports bras.

Insider tip: Sometimes when you turn a top backwards you have the label to deal with. This blue sweater was from my third Fashom box ( order your box with my link and get $20 credit) didn’t have this issue. I wore the scarf because sometimes the top seems too high so I wanted to lower the focal point.

How to Style a Wrap Top Over a Dress

Just like you can wear your wrap top over another kind of top, it could also work over a dress. I’ve worn this dress for our elf inspired outfit and the colorful wrap top? I knitted that. In fact, it was featured on one of my # YarnDay Saturdays on Instagram.

Insider tip: Even your jewelry can act as a fill in for a bare décolletage.

Make sure to check out the 6th way you can make your wrap top/dress more modest.

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Jodie Filogomo
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  • Rachel Jonas Rachel Jonas on Mar 15, 2021

    Love these Jodie!

  • LunaR1776 LunaR1776 on Aug 17, 2021

    I’m in the “turn it backwards” club! I have had long hair a lot of my adult life and some beautiful details get covered up by it. A few of my tops (and a dress or two, depending on the seams) I only wear backwards. I hadn’t thought to flip due to being too low cut- I am definitely modest. That’s an excellent tip!!!! Thank you. Love the really fun details you added in this post.