15 All-Black Summer Outfits That Prove You Can Wear Black For Summer

Natassia Coelho
by Natassia Coelho

Can you wear all-black in the summer? In this week's tutorial, I'll be sharing 15 ways to wear my favorite color - black - for summer. These cute all-black summer outfits show how you wear black in hot weather without getting too sweaty or overheated.

All black outfit with a mini skirt

1. Backless bodysuits

This summer, I'm really obsessed with bodysuits, particularly backless bodysuits. They're sexy, chic, and perfect for hot weather. Here, I paired my bodysuit with a patterned mini skirt and platform Oxfords.

How to wear all black

2. Black midi dress

I love this feminine midi dress. A long black dress is a very versatile piece for summer. The top is strappy, while the bottom is more modest, which creates a very balanced look. I kept it casual with flat sandals on my feet.

All black outfit ideas

3. Androgynous

This next all-black outfit really mixes the masculine with the feminine. I've been loving Bermuda shorts recently, as they're practical and comfy.

I paired them with a crop top/sports bra, threw a short-sleeved shirt over the top as a light jacket, plus I added my platform Oxfords into the mix.

Casual black summer outfits

You can also tie the shirt in front.

All black casual outfit

4. Classic t-shirt and shorts

Here, I simply swapped the crop top and shirt for a baggy t-shirt. I tucked the t-shirt into my Bermuda shorts for a little definition at the waist. This is an easy casual all-black summer outfit to put together.

Sexy all black party outfit

5. Sexy summer

Heading into the evening, this all-black outfit feels glam and sexy. I'm wearing a sleeveless turtleneck bodysuit with a mini skirt that has gold detailing. The strappy sandals let you know it's party time!

Wearing all black in the summer

6. All-black Bardot

This look is also sexy, but with a bit more of a laidback vibe. I love this off-shoulder, puff-sleeve Bardot top. The flowy pants and belt add a sophisticated touch, while the flat sandals are more practical.

All black summer outfit

7. Party in the back

From the front, this just looks like a plain black t-shirt, pants, and sneakers, but when I turn around... there's a party in the back! I love details like this that add interest to an otherwise plain monochrome outfit.

How to style black summer outfits

8. 90s vibes

This is really cool because all I did here was swap the top for an oversized t-shirt, and I wore a cute little black bucket hat as an accessory. The 90s aesthetic is still very much on-trend, but this is also, of course, super comfortable.

Black mini skirt outfit for summer

9. Party in the front

This all-black outfit also gives off a lot of 90s and early 00s vibes, but those vibes are definitely sexier. I love the revealing detail at the front of this top - wearing it makes me feel very daring! A black mini skirt and chunky heels complete the look.

How to wear a black dress as a mini skirt

10. Dresses as skirts

Next up, I'm actually wearing a bodycon mini dress and then I wore a loose tee over the top. This is a great way to get versatility out of your wardrobe items - dresses can double as skirts and tops.

This all-black outfit has a great smart-casual balance; I could wear it out to brunch or out to an evening dinner.

How to style a short black dress for summer

11. Simple t-shirt dress

Here, I'm wearing a black t-shirt dress and my trusted pair of Oxford platforms. The accessory that really pulls off this look is the belt; it accentuates my waistline and adds an element of interest. However, if I get too hot, the belt can come off so the dress can flow better.

How to style a silk black dress for summer

12. Silk & sneakers

I love the unexpected combo of a black silk midi dress, which almost looks like a nightgown, worn with sneakers. Suddenly, a sexy clothing item is dressed down and feels more casual. Don't be afraid to reimagine your favorite garments in different ways.

Wearing black jeans in the summer

13. Rips & cuts

If it's not too hot where you live, then black jeans are a chic option for summer. This pair has rips up the front, which feels summery as well as edgy. I dressed up the jeans with my cross-back bodysuit, plus a pair of heels. I'm ready for a night on the town!

Cute black mini skirt outfit for summer

14. Short but chic

Jean shorts aren't just for the beach! Here, I dressed up my cut-off jean shorts (which I cut myself) with a flowy, long-sleeve blouse, then added some low-heeled sandals. This takes me straight from the sand to an evening out.

Chic and sexy all black summer outfit

15. Cute cami

This outfit follows a classic formula: lace camisole, jeans or pants, plus heels. Here, I've put my own twist on the look with trendy pants that flare a little at the ankle, as well as loafer-style chunky heels. I love injecting a bit of my own personality into a timeless style.

All-black summer outfits

So, what's the verdict: can you wear black in the summer? Let me know what you think of these looks and which was your favorite in the comments below. Black doesn't have to be cold and boring. Have fun styling!

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