Change Your Clothes to Change Your Mood

by Rachel

If you need a little extra help (as we all do from time to time) to kickstart your optimism, motivation and positivity, look no further than your closet.

Yes, I'm talking about your clothes - the positive mindset support we didn’t know we had!

Clothes are a powerful tool you can use to bring yourself up to a higher level even when you're feeling anything but good vibes.

You can use what you wear as a way to begin change from the outside in, using clothes you love as a positive trigger to open you up to positive possibilities. 

The simple act of putting on an outfit that you love, that lights you up and that brings a smile to your face has a ripple effect on your mood, your energy and your outlook. 

Sound too good to be true?


Think about a time when threw on something in your closet because you were too tired to give it a thought. (You know those days - the ones when you don't really like your outfit but you're not coming up with any better options so you just suck it up and head out the door.) 

How do you feel all throughout that day? Tired, down, low-energy, maybe even irritable? 

Now think about a time when you put on something you loved.

Maybe it was a new piece you'd just bought, or maybe it was getting all dolled up and glammed out for a girls' night. 

How did you feel then? Excited, energized, happy? 

Clothes can help us feel how we want to feel, propelling us out of a funk and into a high vibe, high energy place. 

Sometimes the change doesn’t start within, sometimes the change starts on the outside and works it’s way in.

The next time you’re feeling some kind of way, try putting on a piece of clothing you love. Slip into your happy piece that you always feel like a rockstar in and watch your mood begin to change.


I'm Rachel Michael, a style coach focused on creatively bringing the art of style to women who are ready to authentically STAND OUT. My focus is on building confidence in my clients by developing their signature style through wardrobe edits, personal shopping services and styling sessions. I specialize in bringing out the creative energy that lights my clients up on the inside to their outside appearance so they feel more whole and empowered than ever before!

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