How Do You Spice Up a Bland Outfit? Here Are 5 Quick & Easy Ideas

In this style guide, Giedre will show you how to spice up casual outfits. The model for this tutorial has a casual and comfortable wardrobe, and Giedre will make her outfits more exciting. If you’ve been wondering how do you spice up a bland outfit, keep reading.

How to style casual outfits

1. Change the proportions

Here the model started off with a plain simple outfit with a boring ½ vertical proportion that didn’t really do anything for her figure. 

Giedre changed up the look by switching out the cropped cardigan for a longer one which defines the frame and adds a sophisticated vibe.

She also tucked in the model’s top to define her waist and make her legs look longer. Lastly, the sleek style shoes complement the look and add a modern vibe.

How to dress better

2. Add movement and length

Here the model started off with a casual and plain outfit; there isn’t anything really wrong with it, but it’s not particularly exciting either. 

To transform the look, Giedre added a lightweight longline vest that adds movement and a modern twist. The fact that it’s long also creates an uninterrupted line of vision which serves to lengthen the model’s appearance.

The combat boots spice up the look and look more modern than the black shoes that the model was wearing. 

How to upgrade your outfit

3. Adjust the details

With this look, Giedre made just a few minor changes that deliver a big impact.

Firstly, she switched out the model’s plain white top for a flared sleeve satin blouse that adds contrast and dimension. Flared sleeves, or any other type of statement sleeve, are great for adding some character and flair to an outfit.

She then rolled up the bottom of the jeans to create ankle cuffs that freshen up this outfit. When cuffing the bottom of your pants, you want to keep the cuff a bit messy and not too high for a relaxed and casual look.

How do you spice up a bland outfit?

4. Choose pieces that flatter

In this before look, the model is wearing bootcut jeans that look a bit outdated and don’t flatter her proportions.

Giedre changed the jeans to slim-fit ones that flatter the model’s proportions better. When choosing jeans, it is really important to know your body shape and consider what style will look best on you.

To learn more, see Giedre's previous tutorial on how to style jeans.

Giedre also added a faux fur vest and some boots, which make the look a bit more vibrant and trendy. 

How can I improve my casual style?

5 Create contrast

To change up the before look, Giedre swapped the gray t-shirt for a black leotard. The black creates a higher contrast against the dark gray skirt, so it has a more powerful effect.

Leotards and bodysuits are great for wearing when you’re going to be layering something on top of them. The fact that they have that bodycon fit means that you’re not going to get any crinkles and creases when you’re layering.

The furry material adds more depth to this outfit, and it’s a really lovely touch-me texture. Lastly, the belt helps cinch in the model’s waist and create an hourglass look.

How to spice up bland outfits

Giedre hopes that you’ve been able to pick up some inspiration for how you can spice up a bland outfit.

If you’re wearing something a bit plain and boring, you don’t need to get changed into a whole new outfit. Rather you can simply make a few alterations to transform and elevate your look.

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