Put Your Top on Upside Down for This Unique Look

Jessica Shaw
by Jessica Shaw
2 Minutes

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

Are you getting tired of your closet as we approach the warmer months? Well, here’s a really fun hack to get a whole new wardrobe without needing to buy something new!

Let's get started. You're going to love this simple trick!


With each top in your closet, you can get two looks just out of one shirt. 

Flipping shirt

Just flip it upside down…

Putting shirt on

Then put it on! 

Cowl neck

Your body should go through the neck hole and the “hem” will lay slack around your neck at first.

Easy shirt hack

Easy shirt hack

Adjust the top until it fits just how you like it and you have a brand-new shirt!

The cool thing about this hack is it’s going to look different depending on the shirt you wear, so start digging into your closet and have some fun!

Let me know down below if this awesome hack worked for you. I love to hear from you all.

Do you have any similar tricks? If so, share them with us!

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