Styling 5 Basics to Make 5 Outfits

A Small Wardrobe
by A Small Wardrobe

As part of my intentional living lifestyle, keeping a small wardrobe is very important to me! I like to find meaningful pieces that are versatile and easy to play around with. I took 5 basic pieces and created 5 different outfits. Nothing beats being able to make gorgeous looks from a minimalist wardrobe!

Basic style

Outfit 1 

I am so obsessed with metallics at the moment and this look is a great way to incorporate some silver into my outfit. A simple belt is a piece that can be worn all the time and it gives me my metallic fix without having to wear anything overboard. 


I never say no to a good accessory! Adding a hat to look number 1 is the perfect way to add some extra interest to this look. 

How to style

Outfit 2 

This is what I like to refer to as my picnic look! I love this lilac silk skirt and the glove boots that I paired with the look just work. Everything about this outfit screams spring! You can always add a shawl to this look if you feel a little chilly. 

Style pleat pants

Outfit 3 

I am a big fan of playing around with button-down shirts to create different styles.

Styling tips

In this version of the look, I tucked my striped button-down into these pleat pants and cinched my waist with my silver belt. 

Wear with a blazer

Pairing this look with a blazer coat is a great way to take the outfit to the next level when the weather is a little chilly. 

Easy styling tips

Outfit 4 

This look is the perfect combination of styles I love. I like to wear basic shapes and have different textiles to add to the look. The luxurious shine of the skirt contrasts with the more structured and androgynous blazer. Once again, I play around with tying the top in this outfit

Basic styling tips

Outfit 5 

This last look is monochromatic and simple and I just love it! I like to have my tops a little more oversized so I bought the tee two sizes up. The one-tone look feels quite serious and so I decided to shake things up with a pair of glittery socks and blush sandals. Creating a capsule wardrobe is a lot easier than it seems! I would love to know which look you like best! Let me know in the comments below! 

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