Easy Hack to Reinstall a Zipper Head With a Fork

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In this tutorial, Strings and Things Studio shares an easy broken zipper hack. Learn how to reinstall a zipper head when it accidentally comes off. This quick and easy process involves using a plastic fork, a clamp, and the edge of a table.

Firstly, if the zipper stop is cut off, and the zipper head comes off after accidentally unzipping it entirely, try using a plastic fork, a small clamp, and the edge of a table.

The plastic fork is clamped to the edge of the table, creating a stable platform. The zipper head is then positioned between the tines of the fork, which act as a makeshift third hand to hold the zipper head securely.


With the zipper head secured in the fork, Strings and Things Studio take both ends of the zipper tape and guides them into the zipper head's opening.

The tape is pulled through, starting the reinstallation process. The fork ensures that the zipper head remains in place as the tape is guided through the opening.

Once the zipper head is back on the zipper tape, it can be removed from the fork. 

Zipper hack

This simple and creative method offers a practical solution for reattaching a zipper head without the need for specialized tools, making it a handy DIY technique for anyone facing a zipper mishap.

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Suggested materials:
  • Fork
  • Clamp
  • Table edge

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  • P P on Feb 16, 2024

    If you need to shorten a zipper & cut it while open instead of while closed this will 'put you back on track'!

  • Hope Hope on Mar 15, 2024

    I was hoping it would tell me how to fix a zipper that comes apart. The bottom part/stopper thing is still in place…the zipper itself separates when you zip the jacket. How do I fix THAT..? I hope someone can tell me because it is sooooooo frustrating! ;)