Reviving Your Outdated Blazer and Making a Hot Trend Out of It!


Fashion trends are changing so quickly and sometimes it feels a pity to spend money on something that will not last long.. However, cropped blazers look so hot and trendy at the moment, so I couldn't help but wonder if I can make one myself from my outdated blazer that I don't wear anymore.

And it turned out really great!

So I'd like to share with you a step-by-step tutorial on how to revive your outdated blazer and give it a new trendy life.

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Step 1 Find a blazer that you don't wear anymore.

Put it on an think of how short you want it to be. Make a mental measurement or measure with a measuring tape for more accuracy. You can make it very short like mine, but it could be also reaching your waistline if you are not a big fan of exposing a lot of skin.

Step 2 Remove your blazer and lay it on a flat surface. Using a white pencil or a chalk and a measuring tape draw the new edges of your to-be-cropped blazer.

Step 3 Time to cut!

Use sharp scissors to ensure that all layers are cut evenly, especially if there is a lining inside.

Step 4 Here comes more complicated part (at least for me) - stitching the edges!

I don't have sewing machine, and I am not great at sewing, but I managed. However, it would have been much faster and efficient if I had had a sewing machine. If you happen to have a serger (I obviously didn't) - you may want to serge your raw edges first, but it's also fine without it (but if you decide to use it, think in advance and cut your blazer longer, since it will require more fabric for your hem!). Then fold edges and stitch them either using sewing machine or manually.

It's done!

Put your newly cut cropped blazer on and enjoy.

Such a nice way of giving your old piece of clothing another life!

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  • Audrey Audrey on Nov 30, 2022

    Kay I didn't either.

  • Tori Bond Tori Bond on Dec 01, 2022

    Cute for certain situations, but I love blazers! Def not out-dated as it was!

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    • Tori Bond Tori Bond on Dec 03, 2022

      It’s super cute & how fun to experiment and try new things! ❤️