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by Koetiquemade
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The Coda Quilted Jacket is a great transitional pattern for quilters who want to dip their toes into garment sewing OR for garment sewists who want to try out quilting. However, if you’re a lazy sewist like me and want the Quilted look without the hassle then I’m here to support you. Let me show you exactly what I did to achieve this fun denim patchwork coat without having to patch any fabric together.

The Fabric!

First, I found this cute patch work fabric at Joann’s. It was a bit pricey so I waited until it was on sale and then purchased only a yard. I had some light weight denim in my stash that matched it perfectly. I planned to use my stash denim for the front, sleeves and collar and the patch work for the back and pockets. Because the jacket was blue I thought it would be nice to have a bright, contrasting plaid on the inside. So I chose this mustard colored flannel.

Lengthening the Pattern….

Before I cut everything out though, I wanted to make a simple pattern modification. I wanted to lengthen the jacket by 1 ½ inches. So I added some tracing paper to the front, back and pocket pattern pieces. Once I had that done I cut everything out. I wanted to change things up and have some variety, that’s why I used the collar option rather than the hood like I did with my two previous Coda Coats.

The Zipper and Collar!

I also wanted to do a zipper like I did in the Coda Jacket I made for my mom. So I used a 20 inch navy blue separating zippe r. I chose the navy colored zipper rather than a light denim color because it was what was available and I liked the contrast. It also matched the patchwork pockets and just looked cute to me.

Just like my two previous Coda Coats, I sewed the outer coat and liner right sides together and turned it right side out through an area I left open. Because I used the collar this time I had to do it a bit differently than the other two.

I sandwiched the collar between the two right sides and sewed it. Then I sandwiched the zipper just like I did in my mom’s coat and sewed it all together. I left an opening on the middle back hem, big enough to turn the jacket to the right side. I made sure to clip the curves before I turned it right side out. That way it would lay nicely.

Once It was turned right side out I ironed it flat and pinned it in place. Then I did a top stitch all the way around. This enclosed the portion I left open at the middle back hem area.

Finishing the Coat!

The sleeves were finished by turning the edges to the inside and top stitching in place. Just like I did in this post. I will probably just wear them rolled up though because I love the contrasting mustard plaid color.

This was such an easy way to make a patchwork jacket without having to sew my own patchwork fabric together. This pattern does come with a quilted pattern design if you do want to put in the extra effort and piece something together. For those of you who don’t you can simply purchase a small amount of patchwork fabric like I did.

I thought I'd include a picture of my mom in the jacket I made her. So Here is my super cute mom in her flannel Coda with a zipper! Below are all three Coda coats I made. I love how each one is a bit different.

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Suggested materials:
  • 2 yards woven fabric   (Joann's)
  • 2 yards flannel   (Joann's)
  • 20 inch seprating zipper   (Joann's)
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