New Pattern Release: Introducing Molly From Fibre Mood

Sew Like Romy
by Sew Like Romy

Gosh to say I’m excited about this make doesn’t really cut it. I’m BEYOND excited to share this new pattern with you. Mostly because I used remnants yet again. It’s also reversible and I didn’t have to do any quilting this time. Super plus!

This is one of the new patterns from Fibremood being released in Issue 13. Boy is this release epic, but this jacket was particularly eye catching. It’s reversible and can be made in a variety of fabrics. Now I probably took this to heart a bit much, and used all the different fabrics possible but the result even left me thinking I’m pretty good at this sewing thing. Patchwork and colourblocking is one of my favourite things, so I kind of combined the two here with a more toned down colourblock with different variations of blue.

To begin I pulled out my scraps and found blue corduroy, vintage denim and natural canvas. I knew I wanted these for one side so I took out my iPad and played around in Procreate to see what would look best. Once I was happy there I started my search for my second fabric for the other side. I wanted something quilted without having to quilt. I found this fabric remnant in Harmony Provo and I knew it was meant to be. This fabric is cotton but it puffs up to give that quilted look once it’s washed. I knew I wanted to keep the blue theme so I dyed this deep blue. It came out perfectly (after the third try). This fabric ended up costing me $6! Complete bargain. I love it so much! When you compare that to the Merchant and Mills fabric I was eyeing this was really a bargain.

Once I had it all ready to go, I cut my pieces and sewed it up as the instructions indicated. The only change was the snaps and bias I used. The bias I cut myself and made from natural canvas. Was it a pain to do? Yes! Was it worth it? Yes! I didn’t end up using my machine to finish my bias. To give it a crisper look I handstitched it twice! The first time I didn’t love it so I unpicked it all and went back and did it a second time. 8 hours total because I’m the slowest when I hand stitch, but it was so worth it! For the snaps I used sew-in snaps rather than hammering in snaps. Luckily I had some on hand and I actually like them more for reversible items.

I am totally in love with this piece. I love how oversized it is. For my next one I may size down one, but this is definitely my favourite jacket. It’s so comfortable, warm and matches with everything I own. A big win win for me!

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Sew Like Romy
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