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I have been desperate to buy a teddy jacket for the longest time! I finally decided that I would make one for myself to keep me warm and cozy this winter. I am so excited about my new jacket! It is all the snug I wanted and more! Follow this tutorial and see how I made this amazing teddy jacket.

Tools and materials:

  • Teddy fabric
  • Lining fabric
  • Sew on snap buttons
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
Teddy bear jacket

Draft a pattern 

For this teddy jacket, I made a pattern from a denim jacket that I already owned. 

Pin the front and back

Sew the front and back pieces together

After cutting the fabric, I laid out my front and back pieces, right sides together and pinned at the shoulders. 

Sew the shoulder seams

I went over to my sewing machine and sewed along the shoulder seams. 

Line up the center

Attach the sleeves. 

To attach the sleeve, I folded the sleeve piece in half and lined up the center of the sleeve with the shoulder seam. 

Sew a teddy jacket

I then went ahead and pinned the sleeve to the armhole. 

DIY teddy jacket

I sewed on the first sleeve and then repeated to attach the second sleeve. 

Fold in half

Sew on the collar 

In the next step, I moved on to work on the collar. First, I folded the collar piece in half, right sides together. 

Sew along the short sides

I then moved back to my sewing machine and sewed along the short sides. 

Trim the corners

I snipped the excess fabric on the corners to reduce any bulkiness. I then turned the collar right side out and topstitched. 

Mark the center point

I used a piece of chalk to mark the center of the neckline 

Mark on the collar

 I also marked the center of the collar. 

Line up and pin

I lined up the center markings and pinned the collar to the neckline. After pinning, I sewed the collar onto the jacket. 

Pin and sew the sides

Sew the side seams and sleeves 

To close the sides of the jacket, I lined up the underarms and pinned from there down. I then sewed from the underarm down the sides of the jacket. I also sewed to close the sleeves.

Cut the pocket pieces

Sew on the pockets 

Next, I started to work on the pockets. I cut my pockets with a curved edge but you can cut yours how you like. I cut two pieces in the teddy fabric and two in the lining fabric. 

Sew right sides together

I sewed the lining and teddy fabric, right sides together leaving a small gap so that I would be able to turn the pocket right side out. After turning them right side out, I topstitched around the pockets. 

Pin to the front

I pinned the pockets to the jacket, measuring from the bottom and in between to make sure that the pockets would be symmetrical. 

How to make a teddy jacket

I went ahead and sewed the pockets onto the jacket. 

Make the front pieces

Attach the lining 

In the next step, I pinned and sewed the lining and teddy fabric together to make the two front pieces for the jacket. 

Sew the lining pieces

I put the lining pieces together in the same way that I had sewed the jacket. 

Pin along the neckline

Once the lining was done, I pinned it to the jacket, right sides together, along the neckline. I pinned the sides together as well. 

Sew along the neckline and sides

I sewed along the neckline and then down the sides. 

Trim excess fabric

I used scissors to snip the excess fabric at the corner and shoulder seams to help reduce bulk. 


I turned the jacket right side out and topstitched around the edges and along the neckline. 

Line up the sleeve bottoms

I lined up the bottoms of the lining for the sleeve and the jacket sleeve and then sewed along the perimeter of the sleeve bottom to attach the lining to the jacket. 

Attach at the bottom

I pinned the bottom of the lining to the teddy fabric, making sure the side seams were aligned. 

Sew across the bottom

Next, I went ahead and sewed the two fabrics together across the bottom. 

Measure the bottom

Sew on the waistband 

Moving on, I measured the length of the bottom of the jacket and cut a piece of fabric for the waistband with an added 2 inches. 

Sew two pieces together

I didn’t have enough fabric to cut one long piece for the waistband so I cut two and sewed them together. 

Hem the long sides

I then hemmed the two long edges. 

Pin on the waistband

I pinned the waistband onto the bottom of the jacket making sure to tuck in the raw edges on each short side. I then sewed the waistband to the jacket. 

Use snap buttons

Sew on buttons 

I decided to use sew-on snap buttons for my teddy jacket. I made sure to sew them on the right way and checked that they were all aligned. 

How to sew a teddy jacket

I couldn’t be happier wearing my new teddy jacket! This is the perfect piece to stay warm this winter! What color teddy fabric would you use? Let me know in the comments!

Suggested materials:
  • Teddy fabric
  • Lining fabric
  • Sew-on snap buttons
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