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The Secret Short Answer is: BUTCHER PAPER!

This Pattern is Fun and Easy, but the Size is an XXL. See My Quilt-To-Jacket Post. HERE.

For This Project, I need an XXS. Hmmm.

Is is Possible to Re-Work the Pattern Pieces to Downsize to a Tiny Size???


First, Spread out the Butcher Paper on a Long Table. Place the Pattern Pieces on Top of the Paper.

Butcher Paper Roll -White. 36″ x 500″. On Amazon. LINK.

Notice the Sizing Lines?? These are the DASHED LINES Next to the CUT LINES.

Place Each Pattern Piece UNDER the PAPER and Draw the Pattern. You are Duplicating the Pattern.

Jacket Pattern. On Amazon LINK.

Now, Mark the Tiny Size Guide Marks on the Pattern Piece and Draw the Smaller Size.

Cut Out Your XS Pattern Pieces. You Can Add a Bit of Extra Just to Be Safe.

On Each New Pattern Piece, Mark the Size, Straight Grain and How Many Pieces to Cut.

Here’s a Peek at the FABRIC I used for this XS Jacket…The Vacation-Home QUILT.

My Mermaid Hung Up Her Tail and the Bed Quilt is Ready for a Whole New World.

Lay Out the Fabric. Top with the Newly-Sized Butcher Paper Pattern Pieces.

Pin Each Pattern Piece to the Fabric, and Cut.

Here’s the Front of the Jacket. It Still Looks a Bit Large.

Keep Cutting the Pieces. It is Better to be Larger than Smaller.

Fitting the Jacket to the Model is Next.

The Bell Sleeves.

Now Take Time to Fit the Pieces to the Model. It is a Bit Too Wide, but She Likes the Length.

TRIM where needed BEFORE Sewing.

One More Try-On, Draping the Pieces on the Model, before Sewing Construction Begins.

Simply Follow the Pattern Instructions to Sew the Jacket.

I Love that the Jacket Already Has a Contrasting Lining and Batting for Warmth.

“One Stop Sewing”. 🙂

French Seams for the Jacket Back for Neat, Tidy, and Fancy, Fancy.

Trim the French Seams.

The Jacket Lining was once the Underside of the Mermaid Quilt.

Measure the Sleeves on the Model. It is Still Too Long.

It is Easy to Cut the Length before Adding the Finish Binding Black Trim.

A Few Snips at the Neckline for a Couture-Bespoke Look.

Trim Scraps are Piling Up.

The Final Step. Adding the Trim – 1 Inch Wide. Double-Sided. In Black.

Trim on Amazon. LINK.

Almost Complete!

The Trim Totally Makes this Jacket Sing! And is Very Easy to Use.

Pin Trim to the Sleeves, Front and Bottom Hem of the Jacket.

Go Slow When Sewing the Trim. Perfect Results are Guaranteed!

A Simple Frog Closure at the Neck. Frog Button Closure on Amazon. LINK.

Sewing is Complete! Press All Seams, Front and Back of the Jacket.

The Mermaid is Dazzling!

So Cute!

Perfect for Magical Fun!

And All It Took was Butcher Paper, a Simple Pattern, and a Tired, Old Quilt!

For All the Magic, stop by Doodle T and Me!


Suggested materials:
  • Cotton Quilt - Full Size   (Hand Made)
  • White Butcher Paper   (Amazon)
  • Singer Sewing Machine   (Amazon)
See all materials

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