Simple Tutorial for an Old Money Hairstyle With a Hat

2 Materials
5 Minutes

Hi everyone. Follow this quick and easy tutorial for a cute hairstyle idea with a hat. Let’s begin!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair elastics
  • Wide brimmed hat
Making a half ponytail

1. Make a half ponytail

Start this look by pulling your hair into a low, half ponytail, tying it off with a hair elastic.

2. Turn it into a topsy tail

Then, turn the half ponytail into a topsy tail.

To do this, create a gap in the hair, right above the elastic, then loop the end of the ponytail up and then down through the gap, pulling it all the way through.

Topsy tail

3. Make another ponytail

Now, flip the topsy tail on your head to get it out of the way.

Then, tie the rest of the loose hair into a low ponytail using a second elastic.

Making another ponytail

4. Thread the ponytail through the topsy tail

With one hand, insert your thumb and index fingers into the topsy tail and twist it to make a loop. 

Threading ponytail

Then, with the other hand, guide the low ponytail through that loop, grabbing it with those fingers.

Threading ponytail

5. Perfect the look

Next, pull at either side of the bottom ponytail to tighten it.

Perfecting the look

Then, tighten the twisted section at the top.

Perfecting the look

Add your favorite, wide brimmed hat, and your upgraded hairstyle is complete!

Cute hairstyle with a hat

Cute hairstyle with a hat

If you adored this cute hairstyle with a hat, let us know in the comments below!

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair elastics
  • Wide brimmed hat

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