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Today, I'm going to show you how to create a DIY Dior saddle bag. This designer-inspired bag is sleek, sophisticated, and so much fun to make.

In this tutorial, I'll share my Dior-inspired saddle bag pattern and every step involved in creating this gorgeous accessory. Let's get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Leather
  • Straps
  • Metal rings
  • Stud button
  • Letters
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Clips
  • Needle and Thread
  • Sewing machine
Dior saddle bag pattern

1. Create the Dior saddle bag pattern

To create the pattern for this DIY Dior saddle bag, I screenshotted a picture of the real bag, zoomed in, and created measurements.

Because the bag has such a cool and interesting shape, I had to use my picture to trace the curves to make the perfect pattern pieces. 

Tracing the DIY Dior saddle bag pattern

2. Cut the fabric

Next, I placed all of my pattern pieces on the leather and traced around each piece. I then grabbed a pair of scissors and cut out all of the pieces from the leather fabric. 

Placing pattern pieces together

The next step is to place all the pieces together.

I placed them as though I was building the bag, just to make sure that they all fit together properly.

Sewing the external pockets

3. Sew the front

I started by sewing the external pocket of the front which was only two pieces. I sewed the top and the bottom rounded side of these two pieces together. 

Creating straps

4. Make the straps

Then, it was time to make a few straps. I used a ruler to create the belt straps and the small straps that go on top of the DIY Dior staddle bag. 

Cutting the straps

I cut out my straps and used my scissors to make the bottom of two of the straps slightly curved. 

Sewing on the straps

Tip: When sewing leather, use hair clips to hold the pieces in place while you sew.

I hand sewed the two, round belt straps onto the leather. Then, on my sewing machine, I sewed a straight line along the top of the back pocket. 

Adding D rings

While I was at the machine, I sewed on my two little curved straps and added a D ring to each strap.

Placeing the pieces together

5. Sew the bag together

Next, I laid all my pieces together.

It’s important to spend time making sure all the pieces fit together perfectly and to check that they are in the right order. 

Sewing DIY Dior saddle bag together

I used my handy little hair clips to hold the pieces in place while I sewed them together. I left the top middle of the bag open. 

Adding straps for decoration

6. Make decorative straps

Next, I used my ruler to take the measurements to create two new straps.

The 30 cm by 1.8 cm (12 inches by 0.7 inches) strap would have a decorative letter on it. The 25 cm by 1.8 cm (10 inches by 0.7 inches) strap would stay plain. 

Adding straps for decoration

I attached my gold letter to the letter strap and sewed the strap along both sides. I also sewed the plain strap along both sides. 

Adding straps for decoration

Then, it was time to place the two straps onto the bag.

I opened up the bag and placed the letter strap on the inside of the middle of the bag. I then slid the plain strap between the top part that I had not yet sewed together and placed it diagonally.

Once my two straps were in the perfect positions, I sewed them in place. 

Drawing shape onto leather

7. Add interchangeable straps

I wanted to be able to add interchangeable and adjustable, colorful straps to my new bag.

So, to create the leather part of the strap, I drew on two pieces of leather and cut out the shape. I then placed a metal ring onto the two layers and sewed them together. 

Attaching clips

Next, I attached two push-down clips to the D rings on my bag.

I then added little stud buttons so that the attachable leather straps could be attached or removed from the bag depending on the style I want. 

Making the belt

8. Make a belt

Knowing this bag can be worn as a stylish fanny pack, I decided to create a belt for it.

I attached velcro to both ends so that it would be easy to put on and take off. To customize the belt, I sewed on two big letters for the initials of my name.

Completed DIY Dior saddle bag

Dior saddle bag pattern tutorial

Now you have a gorgeous, DIY Dior saddle bag! How would you wear this sleek, designer-inspired accessory?

Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Leather
  • Straps
  • Metal rings
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