How to DIY an Easy Coffee Scrub for Body Acne and Cellulite

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Lindsey Melville is back with another exciting DIY project for her audience. Today, she delves into the world of body and face scrubs, using easily accessible and cost-effective ingredients found in most households.

As she embarks on the tutorial, Lindsey takes a moment to explain the benefits of the ingredients she is using, ensuring her viewers understand how each component can benefit their skin.

With a quick overview, Lindsey emphasizes that the combination of coffee grounds and brown sugar creates an excellent exfoliant, effectively buffing away dead skin cells and aiding in the fight against cellulite.

She directs viewers to her DIY coffee scrub blog post for more detailed information on the subject.

By increasing blood flow and circulation, this scrub has the potential to alleviate red bumps, body acne, and even cellulite.

Lindsey highlights the moisturizing and balancing properties of olive oil, which complement the coffee grounds' natural effects, making the scrub suitable for both the face and body.

Lindsey then circles back to the cellulite situation, assuring viewers that the scrub is not a magical solution but rather a helpful tool. While proper diet and exercise are crucial for addressing cellulite, the scrub can enhance blood flow and remove excess water, making the skin appear firmer.

DIY coffee scrub

Massaging the scrub into the skin with circular motions for at least 10 minutes, following the direction of lymphatic flow, can aid in depositing caffeine into areas prone to fluid retention, which contributes to cellulite.

Lindsey stresses the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle alongside the scrub for optimal results.

Having laid the groundwork, Lindsey delves into the tutorial itself. The required ingredients include old coffee grounds, brown sugar, and olive oil.

She combines half a cup of coffee grounds with two tablespoons of brown sugar and one tablespoon of olive oil. To achieve the desired consistency, she adds a couple more tablespoons of brown sugar.

Lindsey advises viewers to apply the scrub gently to their face and body, taking their time and avoiding excessive roughness. The end result is smooth and moisturized skin, particularly effective for combating body acne and bumps.

In her closing remarks, Lindsey expresses her hope that the tutorial is helpful and inspires viewers to try their own DIY scrub. She shares her personal experience with body acne and how the scrub has successfully improved her skin's condition.

Impressed by the results, Lindsey declares it her all-time favorite body scrub, surpassing any store-bought alternatives.

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Suggested materials:
  • Coffee
  • Brown sugar
  • Olive oil

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    Yep, me too, I am very apprehensive about what goes down the drain and coffee grounds is 1 thing that does not go there. After cleaning out clogged drains, I am very particular.

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    is the coffee used grounds?