DIY Green Tea Sugar Scrub Cubes

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Do you want to learn how to make DIY green tea sugar scrub cubes?

These scrub cubes are easy to make and very convenient to use.

You can pick one and apply it to your body as you do with soap, and give your skin a good exfoliation.

And because of how cute these look when they are done, they make great handmade gifts for your loved ones.

Also, these green tea scrub cubes contain coconut oil, which is an excellent product to add to your Fall skincare routine to slough off and moisturize dry skin.

Are you excited to make them?

Then, let’s get started!

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How To Make DIY Green Tea Sugar Scrub Cubes

Here are the things you need to make your DIY green tea sugar scrub cubes.

  • 1 Green tea teabag – You can use more if you like but I usually make my DIY scrubs with ingredients available in my kitchen.
  • 1 cup white sugar – if you do not have white sugar, it is okay to use brown. It just means your sugar scrub cubes will be brown
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil – This is the ingredient that binds everything.
  • A container with a lid to store the scrub cubes.
  • A bowl and spoon to mix your ingredients.
  • An ice tray to form the cubes.

Note: If you are creating these DIY green tea scrub cubes with an already steeped tea bag, make sure the leaves are fully dry before using them.

Because water may keep the ingredients from bonding to form the cubes.

As if that’s not enough, water can contaminate the scrub and cause mold to grow in it.

Lastly, the water may melt the sugar, and harden the scrub cubes like candy.


  • Mix the sugar and green tea leaves in a bowl,
  • Then add the coconut oil and mix until well combined,
  • Next, spoon your green tea sugar scrub into the ice tray, and press down to make it firm.
  • Pour a little more (about 1/4 of a tsp) coconut oil on the scrub cubes to make sure it sets well at the bottom,
  • Then place the ice tray in your refrigerator for several hours or overnight to let it set (mine was ready after a few hours).
  • To release the green tea scrub cubes, turn the ice tray upside down, twist it slightly, and the cubes will come out easily.
  • Store your DIY green tea sugar scrub cubes in a container with a tight lid in your refrigerator.

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How To Use Your Sugar Scrub Cubes

  1. I normally bring my green tea scrub cubes out of the fridge even before getting a bath or shower.
  2. It helps soften the coconut oil in the cubes so that you can easily use it.
  3. Also, you don’t want to apply a hard cold scrub cube on your body. Or do you?
  4. Anyway, gently exfoliate your skin with the green tea sugar scrub cubes after a warm shower.
  5. Then rinse with warm water after several minutes. (I prefer to let the water dry on my skin).
  6. But if you are cold, pat your skin dry and get dressed.
  7. You can apply more coconut oil or any other moisturizer to your skin, or just let it breathe.

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The benefits of green tea to the skin

Green tea has lots of benefits to the skin when drunk, used as a body scrub or a face mask, but we’ll look at a few.

Here they are.

  • Green tea contains antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, which are great for fighting acne.
  • It also improves skin’s texture and elasticity whether it is applied topically (as a face mask / green tea body scrub) or consumed as a beverage.
  • Green tea may help reduce the secretion of excess oil from the skin.
  • Placing cold green tea bags on your eyes can reduce puffiness.

How to customize and pack Green Tea Scrub Cubes as gifts

Before we end this post, I want to show you how to use these scrub cubes as a budget-friendly handmade gift idea and some smart tips to do that.

  • Try other shapes of ice trays to make more attractive scrub bars that are gift-worthy. *wink*
  • If you have soap dye, maybe add a few drops to give it a richer green color, or use green matcha tea.
  • Pack the scrub bars in small paper bags, and decorate with a cute twine bow tie and a DIY label.
  • Avoid using glass jars for gifting because you can only add a few bars per jar, plus you don’t want to see empty spaces in the containers.
  • Also, mason jars are expensive and may stretch your budget.
  • Try to customize it by adding a few drops of either lemon, orange, or your preferred essential oil.

Those are just a few ideas for customizing and gifting these DIY green tea sugar scrub cubes.

Please let us know how you customized yours and some tips we can use.

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Boom! DIY Green Tea Sugar Scrub Cubes

So that is how to make DIY green tea sugar scrub cubes with coconut oil for a moisturizing exfoliation.

I hope this post has shown you how to make sugar scrub cubes, how to use and the benefits of using them, plus tips to prepare them as a pocket-friendly gift idea.

Did you make this green tea scrub? Please share your pictures and tag us on Instagram @budgetandmomjeans.

Also, let me know what kind of homemade scrubs you would love to see here, and I’d try my best to make them for you.

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Thanks for reading.

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