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Give your self a Hair Growth Was Regimen. I created set of steps to help me to grow my hair. I have tried lots of styles from short to long. Color and Highlights. And now I want to focus on really good thick growth. Here is what I used. A rinse, condition, masque, condition and wash method. Sounds long, but its working! I see my hair growing and thickening. Every 3 days I was and condition. Because of the harsh sulfates that are in regular shampoos and conditioners, the result is hard, dry and breaking ends with every brush thru. I found the steps I have taken have significantly reduced breaking, totally softened my ends of my hair. And I see new growth every few days. After the wash process. I use coconut hair oil in my scalp and on the hair to the ends. I believe that this process can work for you too, try it. Let me know what you think!

So if you have some breakage and need some stronger and longer hair! Use these steps.

1 First Get a Jar with a lit

2 Place some Rice in the Jar (2) Teaspoons

3 Fill the jar with water ( clean, strained boiled and or Alkalaine and or well water or fresh clean water)

Let sit over night

4 Left for 24 hours strain the rice water

5 Compost the rice

6 Rinse Hair with Rice Water

7 Use the conditioner- Get Some Conditioner ( Use of your choice) I use the Shea Moisture, as for now, because I still have some, however I plan to create a mixture of shampoo of my own using black soap and shea butter. Sit 15 mins with Conditioner or sit under the dryer

8 Rinse

9 Use the shampoo masque, I am using the shea moisture creme for the protection from harsh chemicals in shampoos, however I don't have any in my shampoo.

Another really good shampoo is Tresume Shampoo and Conditioner for all hair types. Although hair types are different - some specific tests can help determine a shampoo strength and abilities for you, Research hair strand testing to help understand which test best works for your hair. I have done the water test, my hair floated- meaning I am a coconut girl, the humectant made my hair float.

9 After using the steps above, add the water to rinse the hair again, now add the conditioner a last time, rinse after 15 mins set. Rinse and Let Dry or use no heat dryer.

10 Add oil to scalp and them to the ends of the hair

11 Brush

12 Style as desired

Step one Gather all the products you will need.

Coconut Oil

Rice Water

Rosemary Sage Hair Masque

Shea Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner.

Place Rice and Water inside this reused coconut jar.

Here is the Rice water after 24 hours refrigerated, let's rinse the hair with the rice water first. Rinse after 5 min set.

Add Mielle Hair Masque or Shea moisture Hair Masque. Let sit 15 mins. Rinse. Add the next step.

Here is my hair after the Rice Water.

Here is my hair after the first rinse of rice water, now adding the masque!

After the masque. I add the conditioner. Making sure to start at my parts close to my roots. Lathering all the way down to the hair to the ends.

Towel set to sit 15 mins.

Now its time to shampoo, using my shea moisture shampoo.

Wash lathering to your desire.

Wash and rinse, let dry or use low heat or cool air to dry. I'm purposely trying to eliminate more heat. After rinsing and before the drying process. Add oil to you hair. Add oil from roots to ends using spout and comb thru. Using a wide tooth comb, starting from the ends back to the roots.

Suggested materials:
  • Rice Water   (Home)
  • Hair Masque   (CVS)
  • Comb   (99 cent store)
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