DIY Organic Makeup Remover.

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by Cumbriacrafts with louise
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Hello upstyle

Today's simple recipie is nothing special.

But it it a good organic all round makeup remover.

That I thought i would share with you.

My main ingredient will be castile soap

The pic shows pine needles ....

But I use grapefruit essential oil In this project

Grapefruit as meny benefits for our skin.

Let's start

You will need a

1.Glass jar

2.Castile soap

3.Essential oil

4.Coconut oil

5 50ml jug

6.Distilled water

Let's start

I fill one jug with 50ml of distilled water

Adding half a teaspoon of castile soap

Give it a good mixing around

I added 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil to the mix

Now for some extra benefits especially with the winter months coming.

I will use one tablespoon of solid coconut oil mixing it into the a small amount of the mixture letting it become soild in the fridge.

This will be used for removing makeup around my eyes

Once I had devide the mix I put aside in a mason jar

Pouring the rest into a spray bottle

How I use it.

I spay on a microfiber face cloth and I apply it to my face and neak

I will then use a clean damp cloth to remove any access dirt leftover.

My face always feels very soft.

And make-up is never leftover on my face.

Below is my eye make-up remover

And it works a treat for me

The coconut oil with the castile soap ain't to much as ppl would think.

Use with

Cotton wool and apply all around the eyes removing all makeup.

Store in a dark place so the essential oil won't go to waste

Hope you try this cheap easy makeup remover

Thank you


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  • Coconut oil   (Amazon)
  • Essential oil   (Amazon)

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