Make a Geena Davis' Oscars Inspired Curtain Dress

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by Jessica Shaw
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Who said you have to spend thousands of dollars to look snazzy and sophisticated? You will not believe this, but I managed to recreate Geena Davis’ beautiful blue Oscars 2020 gown from a pair of old curtains. Yup, I made a curtain dress, and it came out stunning! If you want to know how to sew a dress from a curtain, then you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Curtain
  • Old black dress
  • Old black baggy shirt
  • Bra cups
  • Zipper
  • Pins
  • Fabric glue
  • Sewing machine
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Paper
DIY curtain dress

Sew a dress from a curtain

Make the bodice pieces

For the bodice, cut out a piece as shown. Take a piece of paper to make the pattern first, as it will be easier to adjust the pattern on paper before cutting out the actual fabric.

Make a dress from a curtain

Cut out the skirt section

For the skirt section, take one curtain and cut a diagonal line across the edge as shown. Do this by folding your curtain in half lengthways and cutting out two pieces.

How to sew a dress from a curtain

Then take the skirt with the cut-out pattern and layer it on top of two other pieces. Cut along the lines so that you have 3 of the same pieces. To see exactly how I do this, check out my video from 00:16 seconds.

How to make a dress from a curtain

Make the pockets

With the leftover fabric, cut out four pocket pieces.

Easy curtain dress

Cut the bodice pieces

You’ll notice that my curtain’s material is transparent, so it’s not ideal for the front bodice. In this case, I cut out the bodice pieces from an old dress that I didn’t need. You can see how I do this from 00:51 seconds.

Pin and sew the pockets

Pin and sew the pockets to the side of the skirt, as shown. I did this on both sides, making sure the pockets were in line and adjacent to each other.

Pin and sew the side seams

Once the pockets are out the way, fold the dress, pin, and sew the side seams, including the pocket’s outer seams.

Make the front bodice

Take an old shirt and use the fabric for the two front bodice pieces. 

Cut out four pieces from the pattern you created. Then, pin the edges and sew all around. 

Measure around 11 inches down from the top. 

With fabric glue, stick down a bra cup on each piece. Then, turn the fabric inside out.

Assemble the skirt

Lay both skirt pieces on top of each other, pin the side seams, and sew. 

The waist area of the skirt is pretty big, but not to worry because there’s also a waistband to attach. To make the waistband, cut a piece of scrap fabric that is measured to your waist’s size. Pin it all around the top edge. Create pleats as you go along. 

Sew the waistband, and after, sew on the lining from the old dress you cut out in the beginning of this easy curtain dress tutorial. 

Fold the waistband over and sew all around for a chic, finished look. 

Then, take a zipper and attach it to the back’s seams as shown. 

Attach the bodice to the skirt

Take the front and back bodice pieces and attach the bottoms to the top edge of the skirt. Make sure the front bodice pieces with the bra cups are placed in front. Sew all around to secure in place. 

There you have it! Geena Davis, you have competition, girl! It didn’t take much to create this DIY curtain dress look. Now that you know how to sew a dress from a curtain, you really can make mostly all designs your heart desires! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed showing you. Have fun and happy sewing. 

Suggested materials:
  • Curtain
  • Dress
  • Baggy shirt
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