Easy Daily Eyeshadow With No Brush! “Jersey Girl Knows Best “

Jersey Girl Knows Best
by Jersey Girl Knows Best
2 Materials
2 Minutes

Are you like me and you wear makeup everyday? Running to the Supermarket? Returns at the store or dropping of your kids at practice?! I’ve been using this easy and quick eyeshadow routine for an everyday look and you can too! Ready?! Let’s do this!

I found a dual set that works, but using a separate pressed powder highlighter and a separate pressed powder blush or eyeshadow in light pink will work out just fine! Half of this tutorial is a hack since I’m using blush as eyeshadow 😉

All you need is this makeup duo and your finger tip to apply it! How easy could that be?! After I completed my foundation and eyebrows, I get started on the eyeshadow.

I start by highlighting my eyebrows and I use a small amount of the whitish highlighter on part on my finger tip and I swipe it right under my brow.

I then use more on the inner corner of my eyelid towards the middle of my eyelid. I repeat the process right under my eye. I complete this side by adding a dab on the inner side of my nose close to the corner of my eye.

Now onto the “ blush” or light pink eyeshadow. I wipe my finger on a tissue to remove the excess whiteish powder or I use a different clean finger. I swipe a small amount of the pink onto my finger and work from the opposite corner of my eyelid outwards to the middle. I repeat the process if not enough of the pink is showing. I then swipe a smaller amount right under my eye from the outer corner to the middle.

Once both sides are complete, I follow with mascara and/or eye liner. You’re done! I hope you enjoyed this super easy eyeshadow tutorial!

I know the lighting is an issue, but I promise it’s there! 😆. It looks super light here, but in certain light it is light and then in other light it shows really well.

I really love how the highlighter makes your eyes pop and draws the eye upward. A little bit goes a long way.

This picture is the finished look. My lighting is not the best, but you will see the shimmery eyeshadow in natural light. It is a subtle makeup and so easy to complete. Now all you need to do is add your mascara and eyeliner, if you desire. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you follow me for more makeup tutorials. Be creative!


  • Shimmery powder Highlighter
  • Shimmery powder blush or eyeshadow- light pink
Suggested materials:
  • Highlighter   (Walmart)
  • Blush   (Walmart)

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