Easy French Updo Perfect for Hot Days

Eva Pautov
by Eva Pautov
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5 Minutes

Try out a chic hairstyle with me! This easy French twist updo is perfect for those hot, summer days and it looks stunning. Let’s begin.

Tools and materials:

  • U-shaped hairpins (French twist pins)
Collecting hair

1. Collect your hair

Grab all your hair at the base of your head, as if to tie a low ponytail.

With your free hand, place 2 fingers on the opposite side of the root of this “ponytail”. 


2. Wrap your fingers

Next, while still holding on tightly to the hair, wrap the hair up and over those 2 fingers.


3. Twist the loop

Now, pull the resulting loop of hair away from your head slightly and twist that loop around itself. 


Continue twisting upward while holding on to the hair in both places (the tail and the loop).

Tucking ends

4. Tuck the ends and insert pins

Once the twisted hair reaches the top of your head, hold it in place with your hand for this entire step.

With your other hand, tuck the tail ends of the hair underneath the twist for a polished finish.

Adding pins

Insert a few U-shaped pins (French twist pins) into the twist to secure everything in place.

If you’re new to this type of pin, start by inserting it into the edge of the twist and perpendicular to the seam of the twist, like this: 


Then fold the pin downward toward the seam so that it’s laying under the twist with just the round piece sticking out at the end. 


Here’s the final look of this gorgeous French twist:

Easy French updo

Pull out some hair to frame your face in the front if you’d like:

Easy French updo

Easy French updo

All you need for this chic, French updo are a few U-shaped pins and a few minutes.

It would pair well with formal attire and would look perfect for a date.

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Suggested materials:
  • U-shaped hairpins (French twist pins)

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