Tutorial for My Viral Ribbon Knot Braid

Eva Pautov
by Eva Pautov
3 Materials
10 Minutes

Here’s my step-by-step tutorial for my viral ribbon knot braid. Try it out with me for a hairstyle that’s elegant and a little bit different.

Tools and materials:

  • Long, thin ribbon
  • 1 hair tie
  • 1 hair elastic
Sectioning hair

1. Grab 2 sections of hair with the ribbon

Grab 2 small sections of hair in the center and back of your head. Lay the ribbon across and make sure it’s evenly distributed until the end.

2. Anchor the ribbon to 1 side

Hold 1 side together while on the other side, loop the ribbon around the hair to anchor it in place. 

Anchoring ribbon

Tighten by pulling each side.

Creating faux braid

3. Add hair and tie a knot

Now, grab equal amounts of hair on either side and add it to each of the 2 sections. 

Creating faux braid

Then tie the sections in a knot and pull to tighten. 

Creating faux braid

4. Repeat the knot

Continue adding hair to either side and tying a knot each time.

Creating faux braid

5. Make a loop bun

Once you reach the base of your neck, tie the remaining hair into a loop bun.

Make sure you leave a long tail underneath it. 

Creating faux braid

6. Split the tail and tie the hair together

Split the tail into 2 sections and join them on top of the hair tie. Then tie them together with a hair elastic.

Creating faux braid

7. Pull the bun through

Make a hole with your fingers in that small ponytail, right above the elastic.

Creating faux braid

Then pull the bun through it.

Creating faux braid

8. Tie a bow

Tuck the remaining tail into the underside of the braid.

Then tie a bow underneath the bun with the remaining ribbon.

Creating faux braid

Gently pinch and pull the sections for volume and your ribbon knot braid is complete!

Faux ribbon knot braid

Tutorial for my viral ribbon knot braid

Let me know what you think about this faux ribbon knot braid in the comments.

Faux ribbon knot braid

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Suggested materials:
  • Long, thin ribbon
  • 1 hair tie
  • 1 hair elastic

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