3 Quick and Easy Short Hair Updos

Valentina Arjona
by Valentina Arjona
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Today, I'm going to show you how to do three different easy short hair updos. These are great if you’re looking for something elegant but also very effortless.

Tools and materials:

  • Hair elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair clips
  • Hairspray
Side twists

Hairstyle 1: Side twists

1. Divide hair

Divide your hair into three sections. Clip the two front sections up as we’re going to start with the back.

Side twists

2. Tie ponytail

Tie a low ponytail with that middle section as low as you can.

Side twists

3. Tie the end

Tie the end of the ponytail with an elastic.

Side twists

4. Pin section up

Flip the middle section upwards and fold it forward to create a bun shape. Bobby pin in place.

You want to use the bobby pins without opening them. That way they just take as much hair as they can handle. If you open them up, they're going to have too much hair in them and won't hold in place.

Put as many bobby pins as you need until it feels secure. Don't worry if you have some hair falling down.

Side twists

5. Twist a front section

Unclip the front sections. Twist one of the sides away from your face and put it on top of the little bun.

I like to pull out some hairs in the front to frame my face. Proceed to pin the twist. 

Side twists

6. Pull out some hair

Pull out some hairs from the twist to make it a little bit messier but don't pull too hard because we have short hair, and it may fall apart.

Side twists

7. Twist the other side

Now repeat on the other side. Twist the hair away from your face, and this time put the twist on top of the other.

You may need to use more bobby pins in this one to make sure it's secure because it's not against your head.

Pin up any pieces of hair that are falling down.

Side twists

Here is the finished look!

Hairstyle 2: Back braid

Back braid

1. Divide hair

Start by dividing the back of your hair into a triangle.

Back braid

2. Braid back section

Start creating a dutch braid from the nape of your head to your crown.

Let gravity work in your favor and braid with your head upside down. You can add some product to make the hair easier to work with if you want.

It doesn’t have to be super tidy, I actually like mine to look a little messy.

If you feel there's hair that is going to fall down, go ahead and bobby-pin it. When done, tie your hair with an elastic.

Back braid

3. Create a bun

Create a high ponytail with the rest of your hair, including the braided section.

Twist the ponytail round to create a messy twisted bun and hide the elastic, and then pin it with as many bobby pins as you need.

Take out a little bit of hair in the front to frame your face.

Back braid

Here is the finished look!

Hairstyle 3: Brushed back

Brushed back

1. Create a bun

Tie a ponytail, I like to do mine in the middle of the head.

Tie it with a hair elastic but don't go all the way through in the last pass, as you want to create a little half-bun.

Grab the ends, and wrap them around the elastic to try to hide it as much as you can.

Pin the ends with as many bobby pins as you need to make sure that it is secure.

Brushed back

2. Pin up back

Pull down all the little hairs at the back that are too short for the ponytail.

Twist them all around and hide them in the middle of your head with a bobby pin.

Brushed back

3. Spray fringe back

Pull out some hair around your face. Brush your hair with your fingers back so that it's on top of your head, and start spraying your hair.

Don't spray too close because you don't want to wet your hair too much. Lave your hands in place until it's a little bit dry.

Repeat this process until your hair is set in place so that you can dance and do whatever you want, and it's not going to fall.

Brushed back

This is one of my go-to hairstyles when I have no idea what to do with my hair or I don't have time to style it, and I need to get somewhere and look elegant.

It really looks beautiful and done, and it's the easiest one of all of them.

Easy short hair updos

There we have three easy and beautiful updos for short hair. Let me know in the comments which hairstyle is your favorite!

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Suggested materials:
  • Hair elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair clips
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