How to Perfectly Apply Eye Makeup for Older Women With Glasses

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Today, we're focusing on eye makeup for older women with glasses. If you wear glasses all the time, you know that they have an effect on how your eye makeup looks. This tutorial will help you pick the right makeup and learn how to apply it. Follow along to get the look that’s most flattering for you!

This tutorial uses products from Look Fabulous Forever, but you can recreate the same techniques using your makeup at home. The same tips and tricks still work for applying the best eye makeup for older women with glasses.

Tools and materials:

  • Eyelid primer
  • Eyeshadow
  • Makeup base (foundation)
  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow filler
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler
  • Lip primer
  • Lipstick
  • Highlighter
  • Assorted makeup brushes
Applying eyelid primer

1. Apply eyelid primer

Primer will ensure that your eye makeup stays in place longer, goes on more easily, and looks smoother and more even. With a small brush, apply eyelid primer on your eyelids and under your eyebrows. Choose an eyelid primer tone close to your own skin color.

Applying concealer under the eyes

2. Create the perfect concealer

Mix a bit of your regular makeup foundation with some concealer and apply that under your eyes. That under-eye foundation is a little lighter now than the rest of the foundation on your face.

That is important because if you are short-sighted, the magnification on your glasses will make your eyes look smaller, and if you are farsighted, the magnification on your glasses will make your eyes look larger.

Adding this concealer will help resolve some of the magnification of the area below your eyes.

Using eyebrow filler on the brows

3. Attend to your eyebrows

Your glasses may draw attention to your eyebrows either because they magnify them or because the frames sit just below them. Groom your eyebrows and apply some eyebrow filler with fine, feathery strokes. Fill in any gaps or areas of thinness in your eyebrows.

How to apply eyeliner when you wear glasses

4. Add eyeliner

When you are wearing glasses, avoid using a smokey eyeshadow shade (in this tutorial we used a light taupe.) Keep your look clean and light. Using a very fine brush, work some dry eyeshadow into the base of your lower eyelashes.

If you want a more distinct line, you can wet the brush a little. You can create a slight winged effect on the outer corner of the eyelid.

Do not add any liner below your eyes. Doing so will emphasize the lower rim of your glasses.

How to do makeup with glasses

5. Apply eyeshadow

Now you are ready to add some color to the rest of the eyelid. For this tutorial, we used a shade called Silver Mist. Add wet eyeshadow above the lower eyelash definition and work it in with a brush.

Tip: eyeshadow that is very glittery will both exaggerate any wrinkles and reflect off your glasses.

Applying highlighter

6. Highlight

Add a highlighter from a light pen to the top of your cheekbones and on the brow bone just above the eyeshadow and below your eyebrow. This will make your face look brighter.

Using an eyelash curler before mascara

7. Apply mascara

Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes. That will optimize the application of mascara. 

How do you wear eye makeup with glasses?

Now add mascara to your lower and upper eyelashes. Keeping in mind the magnifying effect of your glasses, don’t use a heavy, thick or volumizing mascara.

Applying a lip primer before lipstick

8. You can’t go wrong with some lipstick

Start with a lip primer to help keep the lipstick in place. As you get older and have lines around your mouth, without a lip primer, your lipstick will bleed into those lines. Using a lip primer also eliminates the need for a lip liner.

Applying lipstick with a brush

Now add the lipstick. For this tutorial, we have chosen a shade called Soft Plum for the lipstick color. If you have the time, apply the lipstick with a brush, but if you’re short on time, apply it straight from the tube. 

What is the best eye makeup for mature eyes?

Eye makeup for older women with glasses

All done. Now you can see that the eye makeup effect behind the glasses is just gorgeous! Nothing looks exaggerated or magnified and the overall look is light and pretty.

Leave your thoughts about this tutorial on eye makeup for older women with glasses in the comments below.

Suggested materials:
  • Eyelid primer
  • Eyeshadow
  • Makeup base (foundation)
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