Eyelash Hacks: Ultimate Beginners' Tutorial on Applying False Lashes

Shonagh Scott
by Shonagh Scott
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In today's tutorial, I am sharing some game-changing eyelash tips to ensure that you nail false eyelash application every time.

These tried-and-true eyelash hacks will elevate your lash game!

Tools and materials:

  • Liquid eyeliner
  • False eyelashes
  • Nail scissors
  • Eyelash curler
  • Mascara
  • Tweezers
  • Eyelash glue
Winged eyeliner

1. Apply winged eyeliner

You don’t have to wear eyeliner, but I prefer applying a wing to give a lifted look to my eyes.

2. Tightline the eyes

As you can see, we have a pink-toned most visible above the iris. 

Tightlining eyes

Coating this makes the lash line appear fuller. This is great if you have hooded eyes and you struggle with eyeliner.

Look up into a mirror and coat with a liquid eyeliner.

Tightlining eyes

2. Choose the right eyelash style

Pick lashes that suit your eye shape and the look you’re going for. Rounded eyelashes are longer at the center.

Winged styles are longer on the outer edges. You can go with the Russian lash style, as seen in the top row. 

Some lashes have a thicker band than others. The lighter the band, the more natural it will look. It will also feel more comfortable.

Eyelash style

Lighter, less dense versions are best for mature eyes.

Eyelash style

3. Consider lash length

I’ve loosely applied 2 types here. The ones on the right side are not too long–they’re not touching the brow bone when I look up.

Eyelash length comparison

The ones on the left are too long for my eye shape.

Eyelash width comparison

4. Address lash width

Once you’re happy with the length, address the width.

Start by attaching the false lash at the center, above your pupil.

Then place the inner corner where it’s going to sit. You can see that the outer edge is too long for my eye. 

Applying false eyelashes

4. Curl your natural lashes first

Before trimming the false lashes to fit your eye width, remove them and curl your natural lashes.

Curling natural lashes

5. Make your natural lashes blend in

Apply mascara so that your natural lashes match the color of the false lashes.

Applying mascara

6. Properly remove false lashes from the package

To prevent tearing the lashes upon removal from the package, place your thumb on a chunk of the lashes while rolling the band away from the case.

Continue with your thumb along the band until the lashes are detached from the case. 

Properly removing lashes from packaging

7. Properly shorten your false lashes

Hold the lashes with tweezers and always trim from the outer edge. 

Shortening lashes

8. Remove residual glue

Remove a bit of residual glue from the packaging on the band.

Removing glue

9. Make the band flexible

Before applying your glue, grasp either end of the lashes, bend them into a U-shape and wiggle them backward and forward to make the band more flexible.

This way, it will follow the curve of your eye more easily.

Making band flexible

10. Pick a lash glue for sensitive skin

There are lots of lash glues on the market but I recommend choosing one that will be gentle to your skin.

Lash glue for sensitive skin

11. Find the back

Find the back of the false lashes. Note that the front side is where they curve.  

Finding back of false lash

12. Glue application

Apply a very light layer of glue from the inner to outer corner. Allow the glue to get tacky and clear before applying the lashes. 

Application positioning

13. Application positioning

If you apply with tweezers, make sure you come from the top.

Look either straight ahead into a mirror or down into a mirror. Place the center of the false lashes in line with the center of your pupil.

Give it a wiggle to make sure it gets to the root of your natural lashes. They should lay on top of your lashes, butting up to the skin.

Applying false eyelashes

Next, grasp the outer corner and tuck that into the root of your lashes at the end. 

Applying false eyelashes

Lift the front up slightly as you place them as close to the root as you can.

Applying false eyelashes

14. Manipulate the lashes before the glue dries

Once firmly in place, use your finger to manipulate the false lashes, pushing them upward so they don’t pull down your natural lashes. 

Applying false eyelashes

When I look down, the seam of the eyelashes is attached all the way across, but there’s no gap between the false and real lashes. 

Applying false eyelashes

15. Curl the false lashes

Once secure, give your false lashes a soft crimp with lash curlers. This lift helps to open the eyes more. 

Curling false lashes

16. Mascara on your bottom lashes

Apply mascara to your lower lashes. This is optional, but if you chose a particularly heavy set of false lashes, this will create a more balanced look.

Applying mascara

False eyelash hacks

False eyelash hacks

Those are my eyelash hacks and tips for putting on false eyelashes. Which tip did you find the most useful? Comment down below.

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Suggested materials:
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • False eyelashes
  • Nail scissors
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