Entirely Secondhand Fall Outfits

Ms. Melior
by Ms. Melior

In my last post ( Styling Tennis Skirts This Fall) I touched on the fact that the outfits I showcased were entirely secondhand.

Wearing secondhand is a GREAT way to reduce textile waste.

If you love to thrift like me (or if you're just getting into it) I want to inspire some outfits for you to try.

Feel proud of your efforts and your style!

There is a simple equation for a fall look like this one:

Long sleeve + sleeveless dress + fall booties = Adorable fall look

I'm confident you've seen this formula play out before because there are SO MANY different ways to put this outfit together.

Don't believe me? Give it a try!

This look is a little fancier, but I didn't want to leave you without inspiration for dinner dates and more formal occasions.

Pair a simple button-up shirt (one of the easiest items to get secondhand!) with a colorful skirt. Think fall tones... the paprika bag here establishes this!

Pulling the hair back with an embellished headband (like the one I made in this tutorial here: https://www.upstyledaily.com/diy/accessories/hair-accessories/the-most-elegant-headband-you-ll-ever-make-and-own-44331135 ) is a super fast and easy way to look put together!

And if you want to wear heels but it's getting chillier outside, don't shy away from socks! It sounds like a sin, but the end result looks as if you walked right off a runway because this combination is so common in high-end fashion looks.

Finally, an easy throw-on outfit.

Get your hair up in a large claw-clip (so cute and so effortless)!

Pair a simple long-sleeve top with a flattering skirt. Pair with your favorite secondhand bag.

And here we went for socks with heels again, but the heels are a loafer. This is a much more practical shoe for being out-and-about.

Which style was your favorite?


Ms. Melior

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