Glam Nail Art Design Tutorial With Foil

by RoseDIY13
11 Materials
20 Minutes

If you’re looking for a really standout look for your nails, I have just what you want with this gorgeous foil nail art design.

If you haven’t used foil on your nails before, perhaps now is the time for you to start! Grab your nail foils and let’s jump on in.

Tools and materials:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail pads
  • Gel polish
  • UV light
  • Foil flakes 
  • Nail pen
  • Liner paint gel
  • Nail glue
  • Rhinestones
  • Nail pen
  • Top coat
Cleaning nails

1. Clean nails

Start by rubbing your nails with nail polish remover or alcohol to get rid of any old polish that might be on them.

Applying gel polish

2. Apply gel polish

Now, apply a gel polish to your nails. I’m going for one in a medium pink shade.

Don’t bring the gel all the way down to the bottom of the nails, but leave a bit of a gap there.

Curing nails

3. Cure nails

Proceed to cure your nails under a UV light for a minute.

Applying foil flakes

4. Apply foil flakes

Next, apply foil flakes to your nails with a nail pen. I went for pink foils to match the pink base.

Applying foil flakes

5. Apply foil over the top

Now, you can go in with some more foil in a different color over the top - I opted for silver.

Pressing foil down

6. Press foil down

Press the foil down onto your nails so that it all stays nice and flat.

Creating nail design

7. Create nail design

Now, use liner paint gel to design the nails. This is gel with a very thin brush that allows you to paint fine lines.

I am using the gel to outline the bottom of the design.

Once done, proceed to cure your nails for a minute.

Adding nail glue

8. Apply nail glue

Apply nail glue to the bottom part of the nails where we haven’t applied any polish.

Applying rhinestones

9. Apply rhinestones

Pick up some gold rhinestones with a fine nail pen and apply them to the bottom of your nails.

Proceed to cure your nails for a minute.

Applying top coat

10. Apply top coat

Finish off by applying a top coat and curing your nails.

Foil nail art design

Foil nail art design

Here is the finished look. As you can see, I also applied some gold flakes and black flakes as well.

I love how the design of each nail is different due to the different placement of the foils - it creates a really unique finish.

I hope you like this nail art as much as I do, and you’ll give it a go for yourself!

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Suggested materials:
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail pads
  • Gel polish
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