Achieve Long and Healthy Hair With This Easy Protective Hairstyle

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Today, I’m going to show you a low-maintenance protective hairstyle for hair growth.

This is one of my favorite quick protective hairstyles for guaranteed maximum hair growth and minimum breakage. Let’s get started!

Protective hairstyle

I usually keep my hair in twists, and while I had the most moisturized, and soft hair ever with a hydrated scalp, I also experienced a bit of breakage because of the direction the twists were in.

Also, because twists are not braids, they tend to unravel and can be annoying as you have to keep retwisting them.

Here’s a close-up of the protective hairstyle. I’ve had these braids in for about four weeks. I like these braids because they’re flat and don’t loosen up so you can see the growth.

Twists unravel at the roots so the hair growth is mixed with the loose hair. With this style, I’ve experienced faster hair growth and I love having access to my scalp.

Breaking down the best protective style for hair growth 

Protective hairstyle

The hairstyle I have consists of cornrows in the front, but they’re only halfway up to here.

Whenever I wear twists or regular braids, my hair moves in too many different directions but with the cornrows, it doesn’t.

There’s no pain or tension as I don’t braid them tightly. There’s no manipulation of the hair when I tie it and wearing a wig on top doesn’t make them sit weird.

Another great thing about the cornrows is I have access to my scalp when I want to apply oils.

Protective hairstyle

In the back, it’s just individual braids. It looks tightly braided because my hair is thick, but I don’t braid them too tight because I wash and moisturize my hair in this style.

If you braid too tight, you’re not going to allow any product to go into the hair. A reason I liked the twists is that they unraveled enough to make it easy for the moisturizer and shampoo to penetrate the twists.

With braids, you have to be conscious to not make it super tight and locked-in to the point where you can’t let any product go in.

My experience with this hairstyle for hair growth 

Protective hairstyle

1. The style is easy to wear 

This hairstyle is very easy to wear. When I’m working or actively doing something, I leave the hair down like this and it doesn’t go in my face.

There’s low manipulation and I’m not moving it around. I don’t have to tie it, so I’ve experienced very little breakage, damage, tension, or any itching and pain on my scalp.

Protective hairstyle

2. Less breakage on my ends

My ends are not braided as that can cause breakage, so they’re nice and curly. Whenever I moisturize my hair, it emphasizes the curl even more.

Protective hairstyle

Here’s how I tie my hair if I’m working out.

I tie it loosely with a single tie and fold the rest so the ends aren’t dragging over my clothes and causing breakage.

3. It’s easy to wash 

I do a lot of high-intensity workouts and I sweat in my hair first. With my hair in this hairstyle, the sweat isn’t dripping into my hair and my braids because I tie them up.

If my hair feels dirty, it’s so easy to wash or co-wash it in the braids. It only takes thirty minutes, so I don’t dread wash days.

4. It’s easy to style

I don’t have to think of any hairstyles that require my hair to be manipulated. I’m doing twist-outs or braid-outs or choosing to wear it curly. My hair just sits and all I have to do are scalp massages.

5. My hair is thriving

My scalp constantly feels so clean and refreshed. My wash days are shorter, and my hair is more moisturized than usual. There’s very little manipulation, very fast hair growth, and little to no breakage.

6. It’s easy to cover

If you don’t care for the way this hairstyle looks, you can easily cover it with a headband or regular wig, a head wrap, or even just a hat because it’s so flat.

Protective hairstyle

Protective hairstyle for hair growth

These safe hairstyles for hair growth have really helped my hair grow. The area of my hair that was the shortest for me is now some of the longest in my head, and it grows super fast!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite protective style is.

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