Glam 10-minute Half Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial

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I'm back with a side swoop hairstyle tutorial and this time we're tying our hair in a half ponytail.

This style is super easy for a daily look and you can also dress it up with some decorative hair pins like I did for a night out.

The best part is that this half ponytail hairstyle usually takes me about 10 minutes to complete! Let’s get started.

Tools and materials:

  • Teasing comb with bristles
  • Lobster claw clip
  • Hair elastic matching your hair
  • Hairspray
  • 2 bobby pins
  • 1” curling iron (optional)
Parting the hair

1. Part your hair

First, decide if you want your part on the right or the left.

Make the part at a slight angle using the pointed end of your teasing comb, going back just 2-3 inches.

For this sleek look, be sure you have a nice, clean part that is as exact and as straight as possible.

2. Section off a triangle 

Next, take the pointed end of your comb to the end point of the part, then raise the section of hair in front of that point, flipping it in front of your forehead, which creates a sort of triangle.

This is easier to do than it sounds, but see the video at 1:15 -1:21 if you’re unsure.

Sectioning hair

Then twist the ends of that section and clip it up, on top of your head in a spiral, just to get it out of the way for now.

Twisting hair

Brushing hair back

3. Brush the rest of your hair back

Here is the part where having a teasing comb with fine bristles is important. Brush the rest of the top part of your hair back into a half ponytail.

The fine bristles help arrange the hair in a super sleek way. 

Brushing hair back

You might have to use gel or hairspray to make your hairline especially clean and slick. Make sure your half ponytail is pretty high up.

Brushing hair back

It should be tight, and just about as high as the end of the part that you made earlier.

Brushing hair back

When it’s tied up, it will be much harder to smooth out any lumps, so take a few moments now to smooth everything out before tying it up.

Tying hair into half ponytail

Once you’re happy with the smoothness, tie up your half ponytail tightly with an elastic that matches your hair.

Tying hair into half ponytail

4. Remove the hair clip

Now, unclip the front section of hair. You can leave this section down like this, letting it do its thing:

Half ponytail hairstyle

Or you can slick it down.

5. Slick down the front section

Add a bit of hairspray around this front section.

Adding hairspray

Use your fine bristle teasing comb to make any edits to any unruly hair.

Combing hair

Now, hold the front section together, in the direction you’d like to secure it, and give a generous spritz of hairspray to the top half.

Adding hairspray

While the product is still wet, quickly run the comb through to slick it down from the roots.

Combing hair

Grab the end above your ear with a tight grip, pulling that hair behind your ear. 

Pulling hair behind ear

Next, pull your ear forward and secure the hair with the bobby pin so that it doesn’t show.

Adding bobby pin

Then, using your other bobby pin, cross over the first one going downward to secure it in place. 

Bobby pins

6. Finishing touches

If you want, finish off the look by touching up your curls. I’m using a 1” curling iron.

Curling hair

With this half up half down hairstyle, you can go any texture – wavy, full curls or straight. My preference is to create big waves.

Curling hair

For even more volume, you can brush out the curls. For a more refined look, just use your fingers.

Brushing curls

Decorate with some glitzy clips if you want a fancier half ponytail.

Adding decorative clip

Half ponytail

Here’s the final look: 

Half ponytail hairstyle

I love the volume on top and the sleek clean finish around the hairline, giving major Ariana Grande vibes!

You can easily create this smooth, half ponytail style at home. Show your results in the comments below!

Suggested materials:
  • Teasing comb with bristles
  • Lobster claw clip
  • Hair elastic matching your hair
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