How to Create an Elegant Halloween Fascinator

15 Materials
30 Minutes

Today, I’m going to show you how to create a Halloween fascinator. I love a good vintage hair accessory; this one is the perfect hair accessory for Halloween.

Tools and materials:

  • Spider patterned fabric
  • Straw hat base
  • Fabric pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stick pins
  • Binder clips
  • Hot glue gun
  • Netting
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Felt
  • Hairclip
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Plume Feather
  • Decorative ribbon
Spider fabric

1. Measure the fabric

I have chosen this gorgeous fabric. I'm going to use one of the spider patterns as my focal point. Begin by laying your fabric right side down.  

Marking fabric

Center your hat base over the spider and make a mark around it, leaving about 1/2 inch to an inch around the outside so that you have plenty of fabric to overlap the edge.

Cutting fabric

2. Cut out the fabric

Pinning fabric

3. Pin fabric to hat base

Lay the fabric over the hat base and pin it through the center. 

Folding the fabric over hat base

4. Fold the fabric over the hat base

Fold the edges of the material under the hat base securing it with a binder clip. Continue around the edge of the hat. 

Folding the fabric over hat base

Be sure to adjust the fold of your fabric so that you don't form peaks when folding it.

Cutting fabric

Whenever your fabric is becoming too bulky, use your scissors to cut a small V in it, this will make it easier to curve around the base.

Gluing fabric

5. Glue the fabric to the hat base

After removing the center pin, glue down the edges of the fabric by removing a few clips at a time and dabbing glue under the material before replacing the clips.

Netting for Halloween fascinator

6. Attach netting

Cut a piece of netting that is 6 inches wide and 13 inches across.

Gathering netting

Gather the netting at the top. 

Gathering netting

Make sure that it's laying correctly before you stitch that gathered section together. 

Weaving into netting

With your needle and thread, weave into the netting, pulling the thread through a bit.

Forming knot

Before you pull it straight through, take the end of the thread that has the knot and slide your fingers in between the two pieces of thread and pull your needle through that. This will form a knot.

Securing gathering

Add a couple more stitches to secure the gathering. Set the netting aside making sure you keep the needle and thread attached.

Removing clips

Carefully remove the binder clips. 

Determining front of hat

Determine the front of your hat, this will be the area you start attaching your netting.

Laying the netting onto the hat

Lay the netting on the back side of the hat toward the front. 

Sewing on the netting

Sew the netting to the hat. 

Securing the netting

Stitch two to three times to secure the netting and set the DIY fascinator aside.

Spool of ribbon

7. Create and attach lining 

Find something that fits right inside your fascinator, I used a spool of ribbon.

Circle drawn in tailor's chalk

Place the object on a piece of felt, outline it with tailor’s chalk, and cut the circle out. 

Adding hair clip

The Halloween fascinator will be attached to your hair with a clip. Place the hair clip on top of the lining and mark off where the bend in the clip is. 

Snipping felt

Fold the piece of felt in half and snip where you made the mark. 

Sliding clip in

Open the clip and slide it into the slit. 


Place a thin layer of hot glue to the lining on the inside of the hat.


Place a small dollop of glue underneath the lining's edges.


8. Neaten the edge of the lining (optional)

Glue down the rick- rack where the lining meets the fascinator. 

Adding a feather

9. Add a feather

Remove one end of a plume feather by firmly grasping the feather on one side and gently pulling the feathers from the opposite side. 

Adding a feather

This feather will be placed along the curve of the hat, so you need to bend it.

Using the blunt side of your scissors, place it on the shaft of the feather and use your thumb to push it against the scissors.

Continue to do this until the whole feather is curved.

Tip of feather cut at angle

Cut the tip of the feather at an angle.

Stabbing feather top between the lining and hat

Stab the tip of the feather between the lining and the hat.

Wrapping feather around hat

To wrap the feather around the hat, first, pull down the netting, then secure the stem of the feather to the hat with a binder clip. Wrap the feather around the hat and secure the other end with another clip.


Add hot glue between the stem of the feather and the hat, adding binder clips as you go. Comb the little feathers of the plume down to prevent covering them with glue. Once set, gently remove the clips.

Folded ribbon

10. Add a bow

Take a 16-inch piece of decorative ribbon and fold over about 3 inches of it. 

Folded ribbon

Take the opposite side and fold that over as well. 

Folded ribbon

Then fold the ribbon over again, but this time leave approximately ¾ of an inch uncovered.

Folded ribbon

Repeat on the other side.

Folded ribbon

With the remaining ribbon, fold it in and around itself, so it finally lands on the very top forming a bow.

Stitching bow

Add 3 or 4 stitches through the top of the bow to keep it stable.

Placing bow at back of hat

Place the bow at the very back of the hat, flush with the edge and sew it onto the hat. 


Finish securing the bow with hot glue underneath both sides

Completed Halloween fascinators

Halloween fascinators

Here is the final Halloweeen fascinator. I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY. If you want to see more DIY fascinator projects, let me know in the comments section below.

Suggested materials:
  • Spider patterned fabric
  • Straw hat base
  • Fabric pencil
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