Halloween Ghost Shrinkles Earrings DIY

Halloween is just around the corner but there is still time to create some boo-tiful crafts to get you in the seasonal spirit. I created an earring craft the other month using Shrinkles and thought they would be perfect for another Halloween craft too. I also made a video showing how I made these fun little ghost earrings.

What You Will Need

  • Shrinkles Plastic
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Scissors
  • Earring Fastenings
  • Heat Tool

How to Make

First create your design, I drew my picture of a ghost, about 3cm high, onto a piece of white paper, this helps you get both earrings the same, however if you would like both to be different you can draw straight onto the Shrinkles plastic.

Fix your Shrinkles plastic over your design with washi tape, this will stop it moving. Paint the black detail of your design onto the plastic, I used my Nova acrylic paint pens as they give you a precise point to draw with. Leave to dry completely, don’t be tempted to use heat as this will activate the Shrinkles material.

Once the black is dry, then fill in the gaps with white paint and again leave to dry fully. Try not to go over the black areas as this could scratch off the paint below. Once dry cut out your design.

Punch a 5mm hole into the top of your ghost’s head, the hole may look too big but once shrunk down it will be the perfect size.

Time to add some heat to your ghost design, ensure you protect your work surface from the heat, I used my heat-proof messy mat. Start heating your Shrinkles, it will scrunch up and move around but once fully shrunk it will flatten back out, I also used the bottom of a glass at the end just to ensure it was fully flat. Your ghost will now be smaller and really strong.

Repeat all the above until you have a matching earring and then use a dangling earring fitting to create your earrings.

I really love these cute ghost earrings, made using Shrinkles plastic, and will certainly be wearing them on Halloween this year. You can have fun creating lots of different designs like pumpkins, bones, bats, spiders webs and more. Why not also make a matching necklace too.

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