Super Simple DIY Halloween Hair Accessories

7 Materials
10 Minutes

Want to make a quick Halloween accessory? How about making a spider web witch hat or fascinator to wear? These easy DIY hair accessories are only limited by your imagination.

The black hair accessories or spider web hat are quick to make and so much fun to wear. This Halloween accessory craft is also easy on the budget. Let me show you how to make Halloween hair accessories right now!

First off, pick up the glitter paper from the scrap book aisle and Halloween inspired stickers like witches' hats, cats, ghosts, bats, skulls, or mummies. Use a spider web coaster from the Halloween section of your favorite craft or retail store.

Tools and materials: 

  • Glitter papers
  • Spider web coaster
  • Halloween inspired stickers
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Glue and glue gun
  • Bobby pins or hair clips
Halloween hair accessories

1. Make the pattern

Use the glitter paper as the base of your Halloween hair accessory. I’m using a purple one. Carefully trace the delicate spider web coaster onto the glitter paper with the pen.

First pattern cut out

Cut out the first pattern and use it as a template to make a second spider web. Make sure the paper webs mirror each other. Glue the two spider web papers to each other.

Don’t put too much glue or it will ooze out and that’s not a good look. Trim their edges if they’re not even. Because the underside of the glitter papers is white, the white may show through at the edges. If the white bothers you, use a black marker like a Sharpie or the pen to darken it.

Placing the spider web on top

Place the spider web on top.

Applying glue

Apply the glue sparingly in the center and the edges.

Adding stickers

Then peel off the sticker backs (if your witches hats, bats, or mummies have a sticker back) or glue and apply to the spider web. Apply as many stickers as you like! It’s time to be creative.

Attaching a hair pin

2. Attach it to the hair pin

Lay your spider web with the accessories side down. Before gluing your fascinator to the hairpin, insert your finger into the bobby pin to make sure you don’t glue the bobby pin shut. Gently apply a tiny dollop of glue and let the fascinator set until the glue dries.

Completed Halloween hair accessory

Halloween hair accessories

This is one of the simplest, inexpensive, and creative Halloween hair accessories you can make.

Completed Halloween hair accessory

I’d love to hear what little Halloween monsters you put on your fascinator. Happy spooktacular Halloween!

Suggested materials:
  • Glitter papers
  • Spider web coaster
  • Halloween inspired stickers
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