How to Make 3 Fun and Easy Potholder DIYs

Sarah Vanderkooy
by Sarah Vanderkooy
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Go get some inexpensive potholders and then follow this tutorial to learn three great ways to use them. I’ll show you how to turn a potholder into a DIY glasses case, a potholder purse, and a clutch bag. Ready to get crafty with potholder DIYs? Let’s get started!

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Tools and materials:

  • Inexpensive potholders
  • Hot glue
  • 1 button
  • Decorative trim
  • Thread and sewing machine (optional)
Making a DIY potholder purse on sewing machine

Make a DIY potholder purse

1. Start with two matching square potholders with loops for hanging them

Place the potholders on top of each other, with one loop protruding on each side. Then sew the two potholders together along the bottom and both sides but leave the top open.

Note that there is no right and wrong side for potholders, so just place them together so the loops are on opposite sides. If you don’t want to sew, then you could use hot glue to attach the two potholders.

Using glue gun

2. Add a handle

Choose some fun trim for your handle. I picked some black trim with gold square rivets.

Cut your trim to the length you want for your purse handle. Then loop each end of the trim through one of the potholder loops and hot glue the trim end to hold it in place.

Adding embellishment

3. Add embellishment

Glue more of the same trim to the front of your purse for extra embellishment.

Alternatively, you could choose a different trim, some chain, or other decorative features you want.

Finished potholder DIY bag

Here’s my finished bag, ready to carry my essentials. The open top makes it easy to get everything in and out!

Making a potholder eyeglass case

Make a potholder eyeglass case

1. Use one square potholder and this time cut off the loop

The potholder I chose for this has a different texture on each side. I want the soft side (shown in the image above) to be the inside of my eyeglass case and the smooth side to be the outside.

Using glue gun

2. Fold and glue

The potholder I chose is fairly thick, so I chose to use hot glue rather than my sewing machine. You can determine what will work best on your potholder.

Fold the potholder in half and hot glue or sew along the long edge and one short edge, leaving the other short edge open.


3.  Embellish however you want

This eyeglass case is really a blank slate, and you can embellish it however you want. I chose an iron-on sparkly gold initial that I picked up at the craft store.

Completed DIY eyeglass case

This eyeglass case is thickly padded and soft inside, so it will keep my glasses safe!

Making a DIY clutch bag from potholders

Make a DIY clutch bag

1. Use two matching square potholders

Cut the loop off of one potholder and leave it on the other one.

Layering the potholders

Lay the potholder with the loop halfway on top of the other potholder, and sew the overlapping side edges.

Adding a button

2. Add a button

Place your bag so the open edge is facing up – that’s the front of your bag.

Sew a button to the front of your bag, about one-third the way up from the bottom.

Folding and gluing

3. Fold, glue and close

Flip your bag over and fold the bottom third up. Glue the sides of the folded part in place.

Buttoning DIY clutch bag closed

Now fold down the top and use the loop and the button to close your clutch bag.

Finished DIY clutch bag

This is the finished clutch, but wait for the magic!

DIY clutch bag

You have one closed section on the front of your clutch and an open pouch on the back!

Potholders in store

Now are you ready to go pick up an inexpensive potholder 2-pack and make your own DIY potholder crafts? 

Completed potholder DIYs

Potholder DIY

These were so simple but turned into such useful items. Leave a comment to let me know which one(s) you tried, or if you have more ideas for potholder DIYs.

Suggested materials:
  • Inexpensive potholders
  • Hot glue
  • 1 button
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  • MEG MEG on Nov 22, 2022

    NICE. I have sewn in a few small zip lock bags.....sewed them down the middle and put a button on to hook the pot holder closed. It keeps in tweezers, pen and paper, eye class cleaner wipes, band aides, and misc. items in my purse. I always know were they are with out finding them at the bottom of my purse.