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In this tutorial, I'm going to show you a super-easy, no-sew Pretty Woman costume DIY. I always feel this tremendous pressure for Halloween. I never know what to wear and even worse, as a DIY person, what to make!

I was watching Pretty Woman the other night and I thought what Julia Roberts wore as streetwalker Vivian could be a pretty easy DIY no-sew Halloween costume. I just need to grab my thigh-high boots, blonde wig, and a few other things and I have an awesome costume.

So, here’s how to make a pretty woman costume in under an hour!

Tools and materials:

  • Spaghetti strap tank top in white (I bought mine at Forever 21 for under $4)
  • Blue watercolor fabric (if possible get self-finished fabric, which doesn’t fray when cut)
  • Your own skirt to serve as a pattern
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue
  • 2 metal rings
  • Sewing machine (utterly optional and only if you like perfection)
Making the white top of the Pretty Woman costume

1. Make the tank top

Remember in the movie when Julia Roberts is walking down the street? Her tank top was connected to her blue skirt. The tank dipped down and the skirt pointed up and they were joined together with a ring on the front and the back.

Let’s start with the tank top! I put the tank top on my body to measure where to place the ring. Remember, it doesn’t need to be perfect because it is a costume after all. I put a pin there to keep the place.

How to make a Pretty Woman costume

Then I look to my sides. That’s where it should curve in. 

Pinning the DIY Vivian Pretty Woman costume

I place a pin to mark it on either side.

Making a Pretty Woman costume

Lay the tank top down on a flat surface. Fold the shirt in half lengthwise so the straps lay on top of each other. This will guarantee that when I cut the shirt, I’m going to get a perfectly symmetrical right and left side. 

Cutting the white tank top

I use the ring to give myself a guide of how wide the center front needs to be and then basically eyeball the curve. Cut the shirt.

Tracing the skirt on the blue fabric

2. Make the skirt

Fold the blue fabric in half. Lay a miniskirt that fits you on top. 

Making a Pretty Woman Halloween costume

I added excess fabric on the waist to give the extra I will need to create the curved front of the skirt. I also add extra seam allowance - I’m giving myself a decent amount. I can always take it in more if needed after the fact.

Cutting out the blue skirt

I cut along the left side. Then, I cut across the top fold just to simply even it all out. Then I cut the right side. Lastly, I cut the excess off the bottom.

Lining up the top with the bottom

Now, fold the skirt in half lengthwise. Pin it so it doesn’t move or shift. Lay the tank top so the curved end serves as a pattern of how to cut. 

Cutting the curves of the Pretty Woman costume skirt

This way the curves of the tank and skirt are mirror images of each other and even! Cut the curves.

Gluing the sides seams of the skirt

Now it’s time to solidify the side seams. You can use a sewing machine and sew up the sides using a straight stitch if you’re so inclined. I’m using fabric glue. Once it’s dried, I turn the skirt inside out.

Attaching the rings to the Pretty Woman dress

3. Attach the rings

Lay the tank top right on top of the skirt where the “points” meet. 

Making a Vivian Pretty Woman costume

Start with the tank top. Pull the pointed edge of the bottom of the top through the ring, going in towards the wrong side. 

Easy Julia Roberts Pretty Woman costume

Put a dab of fabric glue on the inside and fold the fabric over. Press the fabric fold down with your finger and pull on the ring at the same time to secure it. 

Gluing the fabric to attach the rings

Now do the skirt’s pointed edge. Pull the point up and through the ring so the fabric folds on the wrong side. Add some glue and press and pull to secure.

How to make a DIY Pretty Woman costume

Pull the top and skirt away from each other. There is some great tension and the fabric is holding it together!

Repeat the process for the back side of the costume.

Hemming the skirt of the Pretty Woman costume

4. Hem the skirt (optional)

I did the bottom hem by folding up the edge of the skirt towards the wrong side and gluing the hem in place.

Pretty Woman costume DIY

Put on a blonde wig, thigh-high boots, and walk the Pretty Woman walk! This looks great from the front.

DIY Pretty Woman costume from the back

It also looks great from the back!

Pretty Woman costume DIY tutorial

Pretty Woman costume DIY tutorial

It’s really easy to make a Pretty Woman Halloween costume. Please let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this DIY Pretty Woman costume or even better - share any photos of you wearing it! Happy Halloween!

Suggested materials:
  • Spaghetti strap tank top in white
  • Blue watercolor fabric
  • Your own skirt to serve as a pattern
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