Reusable Tote Bag Made From Repurposed Sheets

4 Materials
1 Hour

You can never have enough reusable shopping bags in your home, car or anywhere else! My family uses them ALL the time! This tote bag is easy to sew and is made from a bedsheet!

Use fabric scissors or a quilting ruler, cutting mat and rotary cutter to cut one 75 x 75 cm (30 x 30″) square of fabric.

If you want an additional inside zipped pocket, also cut a 20 x 25 cm (7 ¾ x 10″) piece of fabric for the pocket. You will also need a 16 cm (6 ¼”) long zipper.

Cut a 4 cm strip off one short side of the pocket piece. Then sew one short side of each pocket piece to the zipper. Fold in half, right sides facing, sew up the sides, turn right side out, iron and put aside.

Fold the large piece of fabric in half for easier cutting, then cut two 14 cm strips from one side.

Fold each strip in half, iron, then reopen the strips and fold the edges in toward the center fold. Then fold back along the original fold line, iron flat, and sew down the strip. These are your two straps.

Fold the remaining piece of fabric in half, wrong sides facing. Sew down each side. Then trim the fabric close to the stitching.

Turn the bag with the wrong side out, iron the sides flat, and sew down each side again. These are called French seams, and enclose the raw fabric edges.

Fold the top opening over by 1 cm (3/8″), iron well, and then again by 3 cm (1¼”), and iron again. Stick the ends of each strap under the fold, with the optional pocket between the two ends on one side, and pin in place.

Sew all around the opening, and your bag is done!

Perfect for shopping or just carrying things around!

If you want more details for each step, as well as how to make the nice boxed corners, just head on over to Cucicucicoo for the full tutorial!

Or, if you're interested in a much faster, no-sew bag, learn how to cut up a T-shirt to make a quick tote bag!

Suggested materials:
  • Old bedsheets
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine
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