How to Easily Make a DIY Crossbody Strap For a Bag or Purse

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This adjustable crossbody strap tutorial will show you how to make a crossbody strap that you can attach to any purse with tabs. If you know how to sew a straight stitch, it’s easy to learn how to sew a crossbody strap.

In my previous tutorial, I showed you how to make a mini purse. This crossbody strap can be added to that purse or any purse of your own. Let's get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Fabric straps
  • 2 Lobster clasps ⅝ inches or 15mm
  • 1 Slide buckle ⅝ inches or 15mm
  • Scissors
  • Awl (optional)
DIY crossbody strap pattern

1. Cut out the strap pattern

The width of the strap should be 2⅜ inches (6cm). You can choose the length of your adjustable crossbody strap to your preference: 54 inches (137cm), 35½ inches (90cm), or 21¼ inches (54cm). 

Folding the corner of the strap

2. Sew the strap

Lay out both fabric straps. Fold in one corner on the diagonal on both straps to create a crease.

Cutting away the triangle

Use your scissors to cut away the triangle on both straps using the fold as your guide. 

Laying the strap angles together

Lay the straps so the angled edges align.

How to make a crossbody strap

Then flip the left strap over so the angles lay this way.

How to sew a crossbody strap

Sew along the longer angled edge.

Flattening the seam allowance

It should look like this. Flatten the seam allowance on the wrong side with your finger. 

Folding the strap in half

Fold the strap in half to create a crease along the length of the strap.

Folding the bottom to meet the crease

Then quarter fold the bottom in to meet the crease.

DIY crossbody purse strap tutorial

Quarter fold the top portion to meet the crease.

Refolding the strap

Once you’ve created these crease lines, fold in the short side about ¼ inch inward to create a hem. Refold the strap into a quarter fold as before.

Adjustable crossbody strap tutorial

Clip the end and begin folding down the rest of the strap. You may need to flatten the seam allowance again when folding in the center. Continue folding down and clipping the strap until you get to the end.

Clipping and hemming the strap

Don’t forget to “hem” the other short side.

Sewing the strap, using an awl

Sew at the folded edge on all 4 sides of the strap. You may need to use an awl to help you push it through under the needle.

Inserting the slide buckle onto the strap

3. Insert the buckle

Insert the strap into the slide buckle. Pull it over the slide bar in the center and then pull the fabric through underneath about ¼ inch. Stitch down to secure the slide buckle into place.

Inserting the lobster clasp

4. Insert the lobster clasps

On the other side of the strap, insert the strap into the lobster clasp. Pull the clasp towards the side of the slide buckle.

Inserting the slide buckle on the other hand

Insert the other end of the strap through the slide buckle.

Pulling the buckle through

Pull it through.

Inserting the clasp at the other end

Insert the clasp at the other end and pull ¼ inch of the strap through. 

Sewing down the strap

Stitch it down to secure in place.

DIY crossbody purse strap

Your DIY crossbody strap is done!

DIY crossbody strap

DIY crossbody strap tutorial

You can adjust the length of this strap to be longer or shorter. Please let me know in the comments if you made this DIY crossbody strap! Thanks for joining.

Suggested materials:
  • Fabric straps
  • 2 - Lobster clasps ⅝ inches or 15 mm
  • 1 - Slide buckle ⅝ inches or 15 mm
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