How to Make a Crossbody Bag From Scratch (Free Pattern)

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4 Hours

This crossbody bag is not just pretty, it's functional. With three pockets, two zippers, and an adjustable shoulder strap, you’ll find a place for everything and carry the crossbody bag in comfort.

Follow along with the tutorial to learn how to make a crossbody bag you will use all the time.

Tools and materials:

  • Outer and lining fabric
  • Iron-on interfacing
  • Snap buttons
  • Coordinating pocket tab fabric
  • Two zippers
  • Two buckle D-rings
  • One buckle
  • Two buckle links
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
Cutting out the pattern pieces

1. Cut the fabric

Cut the fabric, lining, and interfacing according to the measurements provided in the video from 1:18 to 1:58.

Making a strap for the crossbody bag

2. Make the strap

With right sides facing in, fold each of the 8 x 5-centimeter (3.15 x 1.97-inch) rectangles in quarters, by folding each short side into the middle and then the whole piece in half.

Topstitch both long sides at 0.2-centimeters (0.08-inches) from the edge. For all other stitching, follow the seam allowances provided in the video.

Making the long strap

Fold the long strip of fabric the same way and topstitch both long edges of the strap.

Adding the D-rings

Insert each of the small pieces into a D-ring, folding and pinning the piece in half around the ring. Then insert one end of the strap into the buckle. Fold in and pin the end of the strap.

Topstitch the end of the strap.

Puling the end into a bucket link

Insert the other end of the strap into a buckle link and pull the end through so the link is at the midpoint of the strap. Then pull the end of the strap through the buckle and tighten the strap.

Topstitching the strap

Insert the loose end of the strap through the second link, fold in the edge, and pin. Topstitch the end of the strap.

Making the outer pockets

3. Make the outer pockets

With right sides facing, pin the two 8 x 5-centimeter (3.15 x 1.97-inch) outer fabric rectangles and the two small coordinating scrap fabric rectangles together.

Stitch both long edges and one short edge of the small rectangle and one long edge of the larger rectangle.

Pressing the seams

Open and flatten the seam on the larger rectangle and then fold it over so the right side is facing out.

Snip the corners and excess seam allowance from the small piece and turn it right-side out. Press both pieces flat.

How to make a DIY crossbody bag

Topstitch the folded edge of the larger piece and all 4 edges of the small piece, tucking in the open edge of the small piece before sewing it closed.

Marking the center point

Mark the center point at the top of the larger rectangle 

Placing the small pocket tab

Now take the fabric square and fold it in half to mark the center point. Place the small pocket tab at the center top of that rectangle and pin it in place on the right side of the square.

Placing the smaller piece on the larger one

Place the smaller rectangle you just sewed on the larger square, with the right side facing in and the bottoms of the square and rectangle aligned.

Topstitching the tab in place

Topstitch the tab in place at the top of the square, and the rectangle to the square along both sides and the bottom.

Enclosing the zipper between the rectangles

Using the smallest rectangle pieces and the smaller zipper, enclose the bottom of the zipper between two small fabric rectangles. Do the same with the top of the zipper.

Stitch both ends in place.

Making the DIY crossbody bag

Fold back the fabric tabs and then fold the zipper in half widthwise. Snip the two corners of the zipper band so that when opened the zipper band has two notches in the center.

Pinning the zipper

Pin the zipper upside-down to the top of the tab pocket.

Pinning the lining

Now pin the corresponding lining piece, right side down, on top of the pocket and stitch the top edge.

Topstitching the edge of the pocket

Fold the lining to the back and topstitch the edge of the pocket below the zipper.

Ironing the interfacing

4. Assemble the crossbody bag

Take the two 22 x 19 centimeters (8.66 x 7.48 inches) fabric squares and iron the interfacing to the center back of each.

DIY crossbody bag tutorial

Mark 7 centimeters (2.76 inches) from the top of the slightly shorter edge of one square and draw a line across the fabric at that mark.

How to sew a crossbody bag

Pin the top of the outer pocket upside down, with the right side facing in, on the line of the larger square. 

Sewing the crossbody bag

Sew the pieces together on the wrong side at the edge of the zipper.

Easy DIY crossbody bag

Turn the pocket to the right side and topstitch the sides and bottom. Trim off the excess seam allowance.

Pinning the D-ring strap pieces

On the back piece of fabric, mark 3 centimeters (1.18 inches) in from each side on the right side of the fabric.

Pin the D-ring strap pieces at those marks and sew them in place.

Sewing the longer zipper to the bag

Sew the longer zipper to the top of the bag, following the video from 10:07 to 11:09.

Pinning the lining to the zippered piece

Pin the corresponding lining piece to the zippered piece with right sides facing and sew the top edge.

Turning the lining to the back

Turn the lining to the back and with right sides facing pin the back of the bag to the front, lining the top of the zipper to the top of the front piece.

Sewing the layered of lining

Pin the other lining piece on top of the previous one, lining up the top edges and sew all layers together at the top edge.

Topstitching around the zipper

Open the bag flat and topstitch on both sides of the zipper.

Stitching the edges

Turn the bag so that both outer pieces are facing each other and both lining pieces are together and pin all outer edges.

Stitch all edges, leaving an opening on the outer lining edge to turn the bag right-side out.

Turning the bag right sides out

Snip all the corners in the seam allowance and turn the bag right-side out.

Fold in and topstitch the opening of the lining and then tuck the lining into the bag.

How to make a crossbody bag

How to make a crossbody bag

Attach the snap buttons to the bottom of the tab and outside of the bottom pocket and attach the strap to the D-rings and your crossbody bag is all done!

Fill it up with your essentials and head out the door after you leave a comment letting me know how your crossbody bag turned out!

Suggested materials:
  • Outer and lining fabric
  • Iron-on interfacing
  • Snap buttons
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