DIY Macrame Crossbody Bag Tutorial

by Ruveyda
2 Materials
2 Hours

When i publish my macrame bag design on ETSY or my other social media platform most people tell me like that “i want to make the same bag myself”. So i want to publish all details in this blog post. Let’s macraming! 🙂

NOT: I prepared a special macrame bag kit for this project. You can buy it from amazon. This craft kit includes 3mm cotton cord, 2 clasps, 1 needle and 2 QR codes. First QR code for bag video tutorial (the same video here), second QR code for basic macrame knot video tutorial.


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The original blog post for this diy macrame crossbody bag is here. You can visit for more details.

You can make this shoulder purse by learning these knot types:

  • Lark’s Head Knot
  • Square Knot
  • Diagonal double half hitch knot
  • Gathering knot

I showed every details for beginners on my video: (Please like and subscribe my youtube channel, i’m on new and need your help 🙂 You will also reach how to make basic knot types like Lark’s head, square, spiral, alternating, double half hitch diagonal, double half hitch)

Macrame Shoulder Bag Tutorial On Youtube

Time needed: 1 hour.

Free macrame pattern for shoulder bag.

  1. After prepare the materials. Knot a rope for making this project.

Make 20 Lark's Head Knot

Make 10 Square Knot

Make these knots for 30 lines

Leave 4 ropes from right handside and make 3 square knots to left after that leave 4 ropes from the left handside and make 3 square knots to right. Leave the middle blank

Leave 6 ropes from right handside and make 2 square knots to left after that leave 6 ropes from the left handside and make 2 square knots to right.

Make diagonal double half hitch

Continue to make double half hitch knotting

Cross the ropes

Make square knot with 2 ropes not one rope. For the center, for right and left hand side.

Make gathering knot with 50cm rope

Leave a space of 4 fingers for the middle and cut the ropes. Leave a space of 3 fingers for the right and left and cut the ropes.

Sew the corners of the bag.

Congrats! The bag is ready. We are going to make strap now.

After you made your bag looks like that :)

Making a Strap For This Bag
Make a strap using square knot.
Suggested materials:
  • Cotton Rope   (
  • Simple Silver Clasp   (

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  • Mindy Mindy on Feb 04, 2022

    I ❤️❤️❤️this! My Mom would have loved to make one.

  • Ruveyda Ruveyda on Feb 04, 2022

    Thank you Mindy. Let's make one for your mom :) I showed every detail in the video. You can make it just some macrame knotting.