Learn How to Sew an Adorable Mini Pouch for Face Masks

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After wearing my face mask, I didn't just want to put it down anywhere when I got home. I also wanted to have a place to keep spare face masks when I was out of the house. I decided to DIY an absolutely adorable mini pouch, perfect for holding face masks while they’re not in use. I chose my fabric, made sure to add a key ring for fun and functionality and I was so pleased with the results. If you want to make one of your own mini pouches, follow my step-by-step tutorial, and get started!

How to sew a small pouch

Tools and Materials:

  • Pattern
  • Fabric
  • Keyring 
  • Keyring strap 
  • Sewing machine 
  • Needle and thread 
How to sew a mini pouch

Cut my fabric pieces

To cut my two pieces of fabric which were 25 cm by 11 cm I made sure to draw a small pattern for myself. In the end, the actual pouch would only be 9 cm by 9 cm which is the perfect size to hold a face mask! 

Place the fabric together

Sew the fabric together

To get started on this gorgeous pouch I placed my two pieces of fabric, right sides together. Make sure you choose a fabric that you love since the pouch is going to be for you! 

Mark at the edge

I then measured 1 cm from the bottom of my pieces and marked them. I sewed along my marked line, connecting the two pieces of fabric. 

Add a keyring strap

Attach a keyring strap

I clipped on the cute blue and pink keyring strap onto the side of the pouch. This is such a fun element because it means you can attach the pouch to a bag. 

Sew it on

Once it was in place, I sewed it on.

Press the fabric

Press down the fabric

I then turned out the folding at the edges of my two pieces and pressed them flat. This really helped get the fabric to sit the way it needed to. I then folded the fabric so that it was right sides out and pressed along the edge again. 

Use the pattern

Fold the fabric

In this next step, I used my pattern paper and folded it so that The curved 6 cm long edge was showing. I placed it on the curve of my fabric and then pulled the other piece of fabric up to meet the paper. I then folded the second curve over so that it matched perfectly with the other piece. 

Clip it in place

With all the folds in place, I clipped the fabric so that it would be held in position. 

Cut the edges

Cut off the raw edges

I sewed around the sides and curve of the fabric and then cut off the fraying fabric, as close to the stitch as possible. 

Turn right side out

Step: Turn the pouch right side out 

Finally, I could turn my little pouch right side out. 

Add finishing touches

So far my pouch was looking amazing! I just had to add a few finishing touches and it would be ready to go. 

Sew the inner edge

I sewed the inner edge of the pouch together so that the fabrics would be connected. 

How to sew a button closure pouch

Then it was time to add the button. I hand-sewed the button onto the flap of the pouch. 

Add a button

I then closed the pouch to measure where I would need to place the other side of the button. Once I had the exact place, I sewed it in. 

Add a keyring

For the final step, I added on my cute little heart key ring that really added to the aesthetic of the pouch. 

How to sew a pouch with a button

I am so obsessed with this face mask pouch! What else would you use this piece for? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:

  • Pattern
  • Fabric
  • Keyring
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  • Fran Barry Fran Barry on Feb 18, 2021

    You could change the size and use it to hold your cell phone or hook it to your cell phone case to hold cards or cash

  • Carolyn Carolyn on Feb 20, 2021

    How about using the cut off leg of a pair of blue jeans? You could use an iron on to decorate or embroider a design. I found a floral iron on. It came out really cute!