Super Easy Heatless Sock Curls Tutorial

Ariba Pervaiz
by Ariba Pervaiz
3 Materials
20 Minutes

Today, I'm going to be doing some heatless curls for you guys, I’ll be showing you the infamous sock curls that you have probably seen trending all over TikTok.

I have very thick and frizzy hair and a lot of those techniques don't just work in our hair, but I have found a way to rock this heatless curl socks look with my hair.

Tools and materials:

  • 2-6 pairs of socks
  • Clips
  • Spray bottle
Freshly washed hair

1. Wash hair

Start off with your hair freshly shampooed and conditioned. When you begin styling your hair, it should be mostly dry but still have a bit of dampness to it.

Sectioning hair

2. Divide hair into sections

Next, we’re going to section the hair off and twist it up.

For those of you girls that don't have the thickest head of hair, you can just split your hair in half and do one sock on one side and one sock on the other.

If you have thicker hair like mine, you can go ahead and do four or even sections. 

Twisting and clipping hair

3. Twist and clip

Take each section, twist it and then clip it up.

Clipping sock to hair

4. Clip sock to hair

Then unclip one section of hair. Take a sock and clip the closed end of it to the top of your hair, so it doesn’t move around. 

Wrapping hair around sock

5. Wrap hair around sock

Take a piece of hair and wrap it all the way around the sock and back to the front. 

Adding more hair

6. Incorporate more hair

Then grab another section of hair, add it to the hair you’re already holding and again wrap it all the way around your sock.

The tighter you do this, the more definition you will have in your curls. Repeat until you get to the bottom of your hair.

Pinning the sock

7. Pin the sock up

Next, stick your hand inside your sock, grab the hair and loop the sock over it all the way to the top.

Unclip your sock at the top and tuck it into the other part of the sock.

Repeating sock curl process

8. Repeat

Do the same thing for all the other sections.

Because I want my curls going away from my face, I’m making sure to wrap the curls in the direction away from my face.

If you feel like your hair is starting to become dry, give it a spritz of water to give it a slight hint of moisture. 

Socks in hair

9. Leave the socks in

The whole idea of this style is that it is heatless, so we can't really rush things along with heat.

It's basically just a waiting game now, so you can either wear the socks in your hair through the night or put the socks in in the morning and take them out in the afternoon if you’re at home all day.

Within four to five hours, you should be able to take them out, and they should be completely set.

Removing socks from hair

10. Take the socks out

Take the socks out by carefully unraveling your hair from them, starting from the bottom.

Then gently fluff them out. Run your finger through the curls and you can also brush them out if you don’t want them to be as curly.

If your hair is still feeling a little bit frizzy, you can also go in at this point with some kind of serum or hair oil for added shine.

Heatless sock curls

Heatless sock curls

These curls are beautiful. My hair isn’t flat on the top half and then curly at the bottom, it's consistently curly starting from the top all the way down.

I'm going to let these curls hang down and naturally evolve into waves throughout the week.

They last me pretty much as long as any heat style would last. In terms of maintenance, it is pretty much the same thing that I would do to maintain any heat style.

Heatless sock curls

This was a lot of fun, and I really hope you guys enjoyed it and found it helpful.

If you try out this heatless curl hack, let me know in the comments below!

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Suggested materials:
  • 2-6 pairs of socks
  • Clips
  • Spray bottle

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