Super Easy Heatless Sock Curls Tutorial With Amazing Results

by Unorthodoll
4 Materials
30 Minutes

Hello everyone! Today I'm showing you my favorite heatless curling method: Sock curls!

These overnight heatless curls are super easy, plus the end result is amazing. They last all day and cause no damage! Follow along to learn this method.

Tools and materials:

  • 4 socks (If your hair is particularly long, you should use long socks)
  • 2-4 claw clips
  • 4 scrunchies
  • Hairspray
Before heatless curls

Here’s a before picture of my hair.

1. Section off your clean, dry hair

Start with clean, dry hair. You may put a style primer or leave in conditioner in your hair if you’d like. Just make sure your hair is dry when you start.

Section off your hair into two equal parts.

Sectioning hair

Then, section each side into two sections as well, right behind the ears. 

Sectioning hair

Clip the front two sections under your chin, just to get them out of the way.

Sectioning hair

Take two of your socks and line the tops up, one over the other. Then clip them to the very back of your head.

Adding socks to hair

2. Section and criss-cross the hair in the back 

Choose one of the sides to start.

(See video 3:05 -5:20)

From the free back piece, pull out one section of hair, pulling it in front of the sock. Try to keep the front, clipped section out of the way. 

Adding socks to hair

Wrap it around the sock.

Adding socks to hair

While still holding on, grab another section from the back, wrapping it around the sock in the opposite direction.

Adding socks to hair

Continue holding on to those two sections. Grab a little bit more hair and add it to the front section. Wrap it around the sock.

Adding socks to hair

Then add more hair to the back section and wrap that piece around the sock in the opposite direction, like before.

Adding socks to hair

Keep switching off like that.

Once you have included all the hair of that back section, just keep wrapping the ends in opposite directions around the sock. 

Adding socks to hair

When you get to the end of the hair, secure it with a scrunchie. (I did this one too loosely!)

Adding socks to hair

Repeat the whole process for the other back section on the other sock.

Adding socks to hair

3. Section and criss-cross the hair in the front

Now, repeat the same thing in the front. Start by placing and clipping your sock pair closer to the middle of the head. 

Adding socks to hair

Follow the same criss crossing process that you used for the back sections. For a clear visual, see the video 6:10 - 7:59.  

Now you should look pretty silly with four socks hanging from your head:

Socks in hair

4. Reveal your heatless sock curls

After going to bed, it’s time to take out the socks to reveal your overnight heatless curls!

Begin unraveling the criss-crosses very carefully so that they don’t get tangled.

Removing socks from hair

The socks are all gone:

Heatless sock curls

5. Finishing touches

Separate the curls slightly with your fingers to tidy up your overnight heatless curls.

Adding finishing touches

Now, spray them with hairspray to help them last. 

Adding finishing touches

Here they are, and they’re totally damage-free!

Completed heatless sock curls

Heatless sock curls

I love this method so much, I even wore these heatless, overnight sock curls for my wedding! 

Completed heatless sock curls

I hope this heatless sock curls tutorial was helpful. Show us your results in the comments below!

For another heatless curl method, check out my post on 10 Easy Steps to Create Gorgeous Heatless Curls with a T-shirt.

Suggested materials:
  • 4 socks (If your hair is particularly long, you should use long socks)
  • 2-4 claw clips
  • 4 scrunchies
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  • Debra Debra on Nov 23, 2022

    Awesome! I am inspired! Will try this, even though I don't have hairspray. 😍

    • Mary ellen brandt Mary ellen brandt on Jan 20, 2024

      Don't you think the model looks great with the pigtails left in? It looks very festive and youthful!

  • TheSeamstress TheSeamstress on Dec 12, 2022

    I expect you could do that with long pieces of thick fabric too and then you could just run it across the top of your head without having to use clips