The Genius Hooded Eyes Makeup Hack That You're Missing Out On

Smitha Deepak
by Smitha Deepak
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If you have hooded eyes, and you apply eyeshadow up to your crease, your eyeshadow may not be visible, because it’s being hidden by your hood.

In this tutorial, you will learn makeup hacks for your hooded eyes, that will open them up and make your eyes big and bright!

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Tools and materials:

  • Concealer 
  • Translucent loose powder 
  • Eyeshadow palette
  • Brow brush
  • Brow pencil or brow powder
  • Nude eye pencil
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler
  • Lipstick
Prepping brows

1. Prep your eyebrows

 Brush your brow hair upwards to create more space underneath your brows.

Filling brows in

Fill in the bottom portion of your brows as needed to maintain balance.

Cleaning up brows

Clean up underneath your brows using concealer for an even skin tone.

Cleaning up brows

Lightly set the concealer with a translucent loose powder.

Finding natural crease

2. Apply eyeshadow

Start by identifying the natural crease line on your lid.

Applying eyeshadow

Apply eyeshadow up to the crease, using a deeper brown shade in the outer half and a lighter shimmer shade in the inner half.

Hooded eyes

Note the extra skin (hood) covering your lid, making the eyeshadows less visible.

Applying eyeshadow

Use a trick with your eyeshadow palette: mark a point above your natural crease line, then lift your brows and fill in the gap underneath with a brown eyeshadow.

Applying eyeshadow

Soften the edges using a blending brush and blend until the eyeshadow seamlessly integrates with your skin tone.

Applying eyeshadow

Use a larger blending brush to push the eyeshadow upward and outward in the outer corner for an elongated eye look.

Applying eyeshadow

Highlight the inner half of your lid with a lighter shimmer shade to attract more light and make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

Applying eyeshadow

Smoke out your lower lash line with the same brown eyeshadow.

Applying eyeshadow

Then, highlight the inner corner and brow bones with a lighter ivory shade.

Lining eyes

3. Tightline and mascara

Tightline the outer half of your lower waterline with a nude eye pencil.

Adding mascara

Curl your lashes and apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes for length and volume to enhance your lashes.

Makeup for hooded eyes

Admire the transformation: your eyeshadow is now clearly visible, doubling up the lid space.

Makeup for hooded eyes

Makeup for hooded eyes

Now finish up with your other eye, and complete your look with lipstick, of course!

By following these steps, you can effectively enhance hooded eyes using eyeshadow, creating a brighter and more attractive eye look.

Enjoy experimenting with different eyeshadow shades and techniques to customize the look to your preference!

Remember to let me know how you liked this eye makeup for hooded eyes tutorial by leaving a comment.

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Suggested materials:
  • Concealer
  • Translucent loose powder
  • Eyeshadow palette
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