Bronzer Hack: How to Apply Bronzer All Over the Face For a Subtle Glow

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Bronzers can really warm up your skin tone (if applied correctly), and I’m going to show you how to apply bronzer all over the face. Applying bronzer to your face will really give you much-needed depth and warmth to the areas that need it most.

In this makeup tutorial, I’m going to show you some amazing bronzer tips and tricks that you can easily do at home; there’s no need to be a makeup artist for these techniques.

I’m going to be using a SEINT cream color palette with contour colors, highlighters, and color correctors. However, you can use any cream makeup products of your choice.

Tools and materials:

  • Cream makeup palette
  • Assorted brushes
  • Mascara
Applying bronzer before foundation

1. Apply bronzer first

I’m not sure if you notice, but I have a combination of bronzers on the right side of my face. Can you see the warm undertones? So, let’s apply the same to the left side.

One of the best bronzer tips and tricks is to apply it before your foundation - like that, you achieve a warmer undertone and glow to your face. 

Applying bronzer with a makeup brush

So, I’m using a combination of bronzers. The first bronzer is a lovely golden brown tone, and the second has a red undertone. I am applying it lightly all over my face, focusing on my forehead, the side of my nose, cheeks, and jawline. 

Also, don’t forget to put a bit of bronzer down your neck and chest area so everything blends in seamlessly. 

Can you apply bronzer all over the face?

2. Apply foundation

Now, go ahead and use your favorite foundation over the top. The great thing is since you already have coverage on your face from applying bronzer to your face, you’ll barely need to use foundation! 

Applying foundation over bronzer

3. Contour

Contour with a darker foundation shade to add dimension. Add it around the hollows of your cheeks, hairline, and jawline. 

Color correcting with cream foundation

4. Color correct

Next, add some color-correcting cream. Add these to the sides of your cheek, chin, under-eye, around the nose, and forehead. Make sure to blend everything afterward. 

Applying highlight to the corners of the eyes

5. Highlight

Lastly, apply a highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes, around your cheekbone, forehead, and down the center of your nose. 

Blending makeup

6. Blend

Now blend everything. You don’t have to think about it too much. Start with the lighter colors and work your way around your face. 

Applying cream lip and cheek color

7. Lip and cheek color

Now it’s time for some color! I’m going to add some cream lip and cheek color. Because I'm using the same shade on my cheeks and lips, my makeup will have a cohesive look.

Blending cheek color

Blend the color with a large brush

Using bronzer as eyeshadow

8. Eyeshadow

Now, use the same cream-based bronzer on your eyes. Again, by having the same eyeshadow shade as bronzer on your face, your makeup look blends well together.

How to do bronzer eyeshadow

Next, add three simple shades to do a lovely eyeshadow look. I’m using pink and neutral tones. Apply the darkest color on the outer corners of your eyes and blend. 

Applying shimmer makeup with fingers

Add a little shimmer in the middle of the eyelid and blend. 

Applying mascara to the eyelashes

9. Mascara

Finally, apply your favorite mascara!

How to apply bronzer all over the face

How to apply bronzer all over the face

I hope you enjoyed my bronzer tips and tricks! Bronzer is so easy to apply, and applying it under your foundation will really bring out a warm, luscious undertone.

I hope you have your simple answer for those of you who wanted to know how to apply bronzer all over the face! Thanks for tuning in! 

Suggested materials:
  • Cream makeup palette
  • Assorted brushes
  • Mascara

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