How to Bleach Extensions: Highlighting My Black Frontal to Light Brown

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Looking for some color to spruce up your lace frontal wig? Well, I’m going to show you how to bleach extensions. In this super-quick tutorial, you’ll see how to dye black hair extensions to light brown - a lovely transformation from ordinary to extraordinary! Let’s start bleaching!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair extensions
  • Peroxide
  • Tangle teezer
  • Application brush
  • Powder bleach
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Blow dryer
  • Coconut oil
  • Curling wand (optional)
  • Mannequin head (optional)
Mixing bleach and developer

1. Mix the bleach and developer

Mix the bleach and developer. I used less developer and more bleach powder, so that the consistency is thicker.

Bleaching a lace frontal

2. How to bleach extensions

Bleaching a lace frontal wig is pretty easy. Start by applying your mixture to the ends with an application brush. 

The great thing about bleaching a lace frontal is that you don't have to worry about heat from your scalp affecting the process and it's easy to see what you're doing.

How to highlight your extensions

The trick lies in the streaking effect. So, as you get to the top part of your wig, streak it for a gradient effect. Use your application brush sideways to create lines, rather than covering all the hair.

This way, the color will blend naturally and the bleach won't damage the main part of the wig.

How to bleach a frontal wig

Repeat the process on the other half of your wig or extensions. 

Neutralizing shampoo for washing out bleach

3. Wash it out

Rather than time the process, I advise watching the color develop and judging when to wash the bleach out. It will be different for different types of hair, so it's best to eyeball.

When you're happy with the color, simply wash the bleach out with neutralizing shampoo and apply a deep conditioner. 

Deep conditioning extensions in a plastic bag

Place your wig or extensions in a plastic bag and let the deep conditioner sit for around 30 minutes. The plastic will trap in heat and allow the product to fully absorb.

Blow drying the frontal wig

4. Blow dry the hair

Now, blow-dry the hair. I find this easiest to do on a mannequin head.

Applying coconut oil to bleached extensions

Apply some coconut oil to add moisture, as bleaching hair can be very drying for hair. Apply it from root to tip. 

5. Let’s get stylin’!

Curling frontal with a curling wand

Before styling, wear your extensions. Read my tutorial on How to Install a Frontal Wig for more tips on this.

To add some definition and style to your highlighted frontal, curls are the way to go! Simply work your way around, styling and curling section by section with a curling wand. 

Tip: Add coconut oil to each section before applying heat. 

How to curl hair

Leave the curling iron on the curl for about 10 seconds. Then, let the curl drop into the palm of your hand. Let it cool before releasing it. This will make the curls hold better.

Curling and twisting hair

Make sure you are curling and twisting your hair in the same and correct direction as the rest of the sections. 

Running fingers through the curls

Run your fingers through the curls to loosen them and create waves.

How to bleach extensions

How to bleach extensions tutorial

Now you know how to bleach extensions and curl your hair, too! For all those who have asked me, “Can you dye hair extensions”? Then, the answer is pretty obvious!

Hair dye and extensions really go a long way, and you can spruce up black hair extensions in a matter of minutes. Thanks for joining me. 

For more ideas on how to style your extensions now you've added color and curls, read my other tutorial on Curly Frontal Hairstyle Ideas.

Products used

Suggested materials:
  • Peroxide
  • Tangle teezer
  • Application brush
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