11 Cute & Curly Frontal Hairstyle Ideas That Are Super Easy to Do

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by Chrissie Milan
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In this tutorial, I’m going to be giving you guys some curly frontal hairstyle ideas that you can do with long hair and extensions. I’ve put together 11 cute frontal hairstyles that I’m so excited to share with you. Let’s get straight into it!

Tools and materials:

  • Hair tie
  • Hairpins
Separating two pieces of hair at the sides

Style 1 - Half pony

Separate two strands of hair at the front and leave them hanging down. Then take two bigger strands behind the front ones and roll them around.

Tying hair at the back

Bring them round to the back and tie them in a little half ponytail.

Frontal wig hairstyles

This creates a really princessy look which I love.

Style 2 - Twisted half-pony

Twisting sections of hair

Take those two front strands from the previous look and twist them around. 

Pinning the twisted sections of hair

Then pin them down at the top but let them hang out at the bottom to create a flowy look with your hair.

Cute frontal hairstyles

You can keep it asymmetrical by just twisting one side, or you can do it on both sides as I’ve done here.

Style 3 - Half bun

Taking two bigger sections of hair

Next, take two bigger sections of hair and tie them in a ponytail, as before. You’re going to make a bun this time, which is why we’re using bigger sections. 

Tying hair into a bun at the back

Tie your hair into a half ponytail and then twist it around into a bun, pin your hair in place and then just pull hair out of the bun to make it bigger. 

Curly frontal hairstyles

This again creates a princess look.

Style 4 - High bantu

Creating bantu knots with a frontal

Take two sections from the top of your hair and then bantu knot them. Create some loops and then tie your hair with a hairband. Pull the loops apart a bit to create a butterfly effect.

Bantu knot mini space buns

This hairstyle looks super cool and trendy.

Style 5 - Invisible braids

Braiding small sections of hair

Next, you’re going to create invisible braids. To do this, take two stands from the underneath part of your hair and then braid them.

Wrapping the braid at the back

Wrap them around each other at the back.

Pinning hair underneath to hide the ends

Then pin them underneath the front bangs that you created.

How to style a frontal

It looks like the braids are coming out of nowhere - magic!

Style 6 - Ponytail

Tying hair into the simple ponytail

The next style is a simple ponytail. When you have highlights, easy styles like this look extra nice.

Frontal hairstyles with color

Pull out some strands at the front. Girl, you’re looking cute. 

Curly ponytail at the side

You could also put your ponytail to the side and create a whole new look.

Style 7 - Looped ponytail

Loosening the ponytail

From your ponytail look, loosen the hairband a little bit and open up the hair above the hairband. 

Looping the ponytail to knot it

Then loop the ponytail inside the hairband to create a knotted look.

Frontal hairstyle ideas

Your hair will loop over really nicely, and this can make a nice difference to your regular ponytail.

Style 8 - Bun

Putting hair up in a messy bun

Next, create a normal bun. Pull out the hair at the end to give it a bit more volume.

Messy bun curly frontal hairstyle

This can be styled up or styled down. Buns are just so flexible.

Style 9 - Braided

French braiding hair at the side

For the next look, braid the sides of your hair all the way down on both sides.

Tying hair into a braided ponytail

Then tie your hair into a ponytail. 

Easy and cute frontal hairstyles

This braided style gives off a fun festival vibe.

Style 10 - Lightbulb buns

Twisting sections of hair

This next one I call a lightbulb bun. Divide your hair into two sections, leaving your bangs at the front.

Bantu knotting hair at the back

Then bantu knot the hair over itself on both sides, which will create buns that look really long.

Light bulb bun frontal hairstyle

This is such a cute, easy hairstyle.

Style 11 - Big lightbulb bun

Creating a low side bun

From the precious look, unravel one side of the lightbulb bun, bring the hair over to the other side, then wrap it around to create a big lightbulb bun.

How to style a long and culy frontal

Voila! I love it.

Curly frontal hairstyle ideas

There we have 11 cute frontal hairstyles. Please do me a favor and don't fall into the trap of styling your hair the same way every day. There are so many beautiful hairstyles out there; play around and try them out!

Suggested materials:
  • Hair tie
  • Hair pins

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