How to Cut Your Own Hair Into a V Shape at Home

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If you’ve been growing out your hair for a while, you probably hate the idea of cutting it. I get it - I want to hold on to every bit of length I can, but thin, scraggly ends are holding us back.

Today, I’m going to show you how to cut your own hair into a v-shape without layers. I don’t cut any layers, because my hair is very fine and I want the ends to look as thick as possible. This hair-cutting hack keeps my hair looking and feeling its best while growing it out.

So, if the ends of your hair are starting to look scraggly and see-through, or if you find your hair is tangling easier, it’s probably time for a trim. Let’s get started with my tips for trimming hair at home!

Tools and materials:

  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Straightening iron (optional)
  • Scissors
Straightening hair

1. Straighten your hair

Start with clean, dry, and deeply conditioned hair so you won’t trim more than you need, and don’t forget to use heat protection.

The reason I’m doing this cut with dry, straight hair is so I can see exactly how much length I’m losing, but if you prefer not to straighten your hair, you can skip this step and cut it wet.

Parting hair

2. Part your hair

After you’re done straightening, part your hair as perfectly as you can down the middle all the way back to the nape of your neck.

Deciding the desired length

3. Decide your desired length

Brush your hair forwards and take a look at your ends. This is when you should decide how much you want to take off.

Hair cutting hacks

4. Cut your ends

Comb one side of your hair, pulling it tightly between your fingers down to the ends. Keeping your head and fingers level, cut a small amount off straight across.

Tips for trimming hair at home

Repeat on the other side.

Medium length cuts for fine hair

5. Make any adjustments

To see if both ends are even, while keeping your head level, pull both ends downwards and bring them together so they’re centered under your chin. Make any needed adjustments.

How to trim long hair

If you feel like the ends are too blunt, you can cut upwards into them just a bit to make them look more natural.

Dividing hair into sections

6. Section your hair

Because this is such a small trim, I’m going to do a dusting to get rid of any split ends remaining. To do this, start by sectioning your hair. 

How to trim your own hair

7. Grab a section between your fingers

Grab a small piece and run the hair through your index and middle fingers, bending it downwards. 

Trimming split ends

8. Trim

The split ends should stick out now and you can trim as needed. It’s easiest to see your split ends in natural lighting. 

How to cut your own hair into a v shape

How to cut your own hair into a v shape

Now you know how to trim your own hair! Even though I could’ve taken off a lot more, the tiniest of trims can make a huge difference. Let me know what you think about these hair-cutting hacks down below. 

Suggested materials:
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Straightening iron (optional)
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