3 Simple Tips For How to Grow Long Nails Fast & Naturally

by ImGirlYouDontKnow
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Who doesn’t want naturally long and strong nails? Growing your nails long is no easy feat - there’s a lot of considerations and precautions to take. This guide will show you three simple tips for how to grow long nails fast naturally. So, if you want to know how to grow long strong nails, keep scrolling!

Tools and materials:

  • Nail file
  • Vitamin B12, D3, Biotin
  • Jojoba oil
Nail clippers

1. Don’t use nail clippers

The first mistake is using nail clippers to cut your nails. Using nail clippers not only breaks your nails but creates tiny tears in the nail itself. 

Using a nail file to keep nails long


Use a good nail file to shorten your nails. Use a soft nail file, and it shouldn't be harsh to the touch. 

How to grow long strong nails

2. Take vitamins

We all know that eating healthy is good for our overall health. But sometimes, to achieve stronger and long-lasting nails, we do need a boost. 


Take vitamins daily for healthy nail maintenance. Vitamin B12, D3, and Biotin. Biotin promotes healthy nail and hair growth- talk about a double whammy!

Also, nail straighteners can do more damage than good because they harden nails but don’t give the much-needed nourishing aspect. 

Cuticle cutting tool

3. Don't use a cuticle tool

Most people remove their cuticles with this tool, and more often, hurt themselves in the process. 

How to make nails stronger home remedy


It’s better to push your cuticles back than remove them altogether. Also, moisturizing your nails and cuticles will help keep dry skin cells and dead skin at bay. I use a blend of oils, with the most important oil being pure jojoba oil. 

Read my tutorial on DIY Cuticle Oil for Nail Growth - My Secret Recipe to learn how to make your own cuticle oil.

How to grow long nails fast naturally

How to grow long nails tutorial

There you have it: the three best tips and tricks on how to grow long nails fast naturally. Keep these tips and solutions in mind when upkeep your nails, and you’ll see that in time, your nails will be longer and stronger than ever.

Yes, it is a process and does not happen overnight, but it’s totally worth it, I promise! 

Suggested materials:
  • Nail file
  • Vitamin B12, D3, Biotin
  • Jojoba oil

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  • Cindy Galt Cindy Galt on Sep 12, 2021

    I have very brittle nails. They can get just a tad over the top of my finger and I can look down and one or more will be broken down to the quick. I take vitamin D3 and E, as well as biotin for other things, and they have been no help for my nails. I have tried the hair, skin, and nail products several different times over the years and none have worked. A sales lady was helping me in Walmart one day and I commented on how nice her nails looked, because I thought they were the fake kind. She said she had been taking the hair, skin, and nail pills for only a few weeks, and her nails were super hard. My cuticles are horrible, too. I've rubbed liquid vitamin E all over them as well, and nothing helps! Any suggestions?

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    • Cindy Galt Cindy Galt on Sep 13, 2021

      Veronica, thanks for the suggestion, but I drank gelatin every morning for months with no luck. Mine have been short since I was a little girl biting them. Now, all I want are strong nails right at the tips of my fingers; any longer and I won't be able to pick up my earrings! I don't know how women, and even some men, can grow them several inches long - they would get in my way for all sorts of thing.