How to Make Faux Leather Earrings Without a Cricut - Try Die Cutting!

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If you want to make fabric earrings and you don’t have fancy equipment, don’t worry! Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to make faux leather earrings without a Cricut (a computer-controlled cutting machine).

You just need a simple manual die cutter (much cheaper than a Cricut!) and some thin leather or vinyl fabric. Let's get making these gorgeous faux leather earrings!

Tools and materials:

Faux leather is the perfect fabric because a die cutter can easily cut through it cleanly.

Placing the template on the faux leather

1. Prepare your leather for cutting

Place your die cutter earring template on your faux leather and tape it in place. Cut out a square of faux leather encompassing the template.

Placing the template on the die cutter board

2. Die cut your earrings

Place your earring template face down on the bottom die cutter board and place your other board on top. If necessary, add a piece of cardboard between the two cutting boards to add thickness.

How to use a die cutter machine

Insert the assembled boards in the die cutter machine and crank the handle to feed the boards through. You can go back and forward three or four times to get a complete cut.

How to cut faux leather without a Cricut

Remove the board and separate the faux leather from the template.

Inserting the jump ring into the hole

3. Assemble your earrings

Use your pliers to open a jump ring. Insert the jump ring in the hole made by the die cutter. 

Using a leather hole punch to make the hole

If the die cutter failed to make a hole at the top of your faux leather earring, use a leather hole punch to complete the job.

Making DIY leather earrings without a Cricut

Put your earring hook on the jump ring and close the jump ring with your pliers.

Twist the hook as necessary so the earring hangs at the right angle from it.

Repeat the whole process for your second earring.

DIY faux leather earrings without a Cricut

DIY faux leather earrings without a Cricut

I’ve been making a ton of earrings this way, so I want to hear from you about how you liked this faux leather earring tutorial.

Please leave me a comment and enjoy your earrings. If you are new to manual die cutting machines, let me know what else you are making!

Suggested materials:
  • Scissors
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Adhesive tape
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