How to Make Mittens Out of Old Sweaters

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10 Minutes

Green fashion is appealing for most of us sewing enthusiasts and there’s always room in our schedule for an additional upcycling project. One just like these sweater mittens!

Don’t throw away that old sweater you have laying around yet because It’s perfect for giving birth to a cute, warm, and comfortable brand new pair of winter mittens! No one will even notice that they’re made from an old sweater, they’ll think you bought them or handmade them because they look amazing.

This project is simple and quick, so it won’t take you longer than half an hour. It’s ideal for a cold, cloudy winter afternoon you’d rather spend next to your sewing machine than outside.

Here’s a brief tutorial that will teach you how to make mittens out of old sweaters!

icon Full step by step tutorial how to make sweater mittens is available over at HelloSewing

Make a pattern

Place your open palm onto a piece of paper. Then trace around it with a pencil.

Add a quarter-inch to the drawing and cut it out. Your pattern is now ready for use.

Cut out the fabric

Take your sweater and place it onto your workspace. Put your pattern onto the bottom left side of the sweater so that the thumb is facing inward. Pin the pattern and cut out the fabric through both layers.

Flip the pattern and place it on the bottom right side of the sweater. Repeat the process to cut the second mitten fabric.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding the tutorial, you can always check the longer version here.

Finish the mittens

Put two pieces of the left mitten onto each other with their right sides in and pin. Do the same with the two pieces of the right mitten as well.

Sew around the mittens, leaving the bottom unstitched.

Turn the mittens and you’re done!

Hope you liked this quick tutorial! Remember to check the full step by step sweater mittens tutorial here if you need additional info. Enjoy your new mittens!

Video tutorial how to make the sweater mittens

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Suggested materials:
  • Old sweater
  • Sheet of paper
  • Needle and thread
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