How to Pack Necklaces


How to Pack Your Necklaces so They don’t Get Tangled During Travel

Hey Friends,

If you are reading this, I am en route to Italy! Omg, trip of a lifetime! My husband and I will be making our way through Milan, Rome, Florence and Cinque Terre over the next 12 days. I am actually jealous of myself right now, haha!

I have some blog posts scheduled ahead of time for your reading enjoyment so be sure to keep checking back on the blog everyday for the usual home tips and DIY tutorials. I am taking part in something pretty exciting during part of my stay and I will share all the juicy details with you when I get back. But for now, a simple tutorial on how to pack necklaces. With travel comes packing. Packing sucks. There is always so much you want to bring and such limited space.

Here is an easy method I came up with to pack necklaces and other jewelry with loose chains. There is nothing worse than trying to free up several necklace chains that have gotten tangled together. It is soo frustrating! If you want to bring some of your favorite jewelry with you on vacation but don’t know how to pack it, well good news, you are about to learn how!

All you need is a soft dish towel or a piece of fabric about the size of a dish towel and some hair ties.

Start by laying out the towel and placing your jewelry on it. Leave about 4-5 inches between each item.

Next fold the ends over

Simple roll the entire towel up and secure it with some hair elastics. All the necklaces and bracelets are separated by the fabric. Just throw the towel in your suitcase and you are good to go!

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Adrienne Carrie Hubbard | Crafty Little Gnome
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